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Sound Familiar?

Untitled document Where have we heard this exact logic before. As he accelerates his push toward socialism, Chavez has decided that Venezuela's oldest private TV station must go off the air for good when its broadcast license expires on May … Continue reading

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A Very, Very Painful Decision

Untitled document El Pais, the newspaper that first broke the story that bad medical care may have been the cause of Fidel Castro's extremely slow recovery has another article out. This one reportedly uses sources that are doctors at the … Continue reading

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Good News

Untitled document Gary from Ex-Donkey Blog will be shutting down his blog in a couple of weeks, which saddened me when I read about it. But he just announced good news: he will not be gone for good. He has … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger’s Policies Pay off!

Untitled document Fabulous news from California! The Governator's stand on global warming has already yielded instant relief for California! Now, Malibu residents will no longer have to make that long boring trip to the mountains to ski! They will now … Continue reading

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Savage Shrimp Storm Great Lakes

Untitled document An invasive Eurasian shrimp has been found in the waters of lake Ontario near Oswego, New York. The latest invader from the Animal Uprising™, of course. The shrimp, known as bloody red mysid, have been found in both … Continue reading

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Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of MD Wal-Mart Law

Untitled document The anti-Wal-Mart jihad continues to unravel. A Federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of Maryland's law that attempted to force Wal-Mart into paying additional money for health care. Maryland's law would have required non-governmental employers with 10,000 … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold Back

Untitled document Tell us how you really feel. Sister Toldjah and the grand opening of her new Jimmy Carter anti-fan club franchise. I want to join, too. Especially since Jimmy reportedly tried to intercede on behalf of a former Nazi death camp … Continue reading

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Criminal Finds Armed Citizens Are A Pain In The Butt

Untitled document Literally. An attempted carjacking in Columbia, South Carolina went rather badly for the gunman. When he stuck a gun into a man's stomach in a Wal-Mart parking lot, the man's female companion pulled out her gun and commenced to firing. … Continue reading

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Yup. Meaningful Reform Again.

Untitled document Harry Reid is at it again it seems. He is attempting to block a meaningful reform offered by Republican Senator Judd Gregg to essentially allow the President to force pork barrel spending items inserted into other bills back … Continue reading

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Internal Pressure Increasing For Ahmadinejad?

Untitled document I posted about an article in the Guardian a couple days ago that indicated that internal political pressure against Iran's president appeared to be growing. The Associated Press today notices the same phenomenon. They report that skyrocketing prices … Continue reading

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“Daredevil” To Swim Amazon!

Untitled document AFP informs us that a "daredevil" Slovenian swimmer plans on swimming the Amazon river. He plans to have live, real-time broadcasts of the entire "adventure". (We would have chosen slightly different descriptive words, but "lunatic" and "suicide swim" … Continue reading

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Iran Claims Shootdown

Untitled document An Iranian lawmaker announced that Iran shot down an American drone surveillance aircraft, "during the last few days" according to a report from Xinhua. TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) — Iranian troops have shot down a U.S. pilotless spy … Continue reading

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Untitled document Jules Crittenden has moved his blog, Forward Movement, to a new host. Adjust your bookmarks accordingly. http://www.julescrittenden.com/ Tweet

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The High Cost Of Pie

Untitled document Pie in the sky, that is. There is an interesting little article from Reuters that describes – in glowing terms – a house in New Jersey that is run entirely on solar energy. It is quite a complicated system. … Continue reading

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Untitled document It appears to be chimpanzee day in the world media. Generally, one has to hunt about to find a trifecta of related articles. Not today, however. There are chimps making news all over the wire services: Item: Paternity … Continue reading

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