The War We Have

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Bryan from Hot Air has just returned from Iraq and files a report that describes the situation he saw over there. He was embedded with a unit operating out of Forward Operating Base Justice. The report he files follows very closely quite a few things that my son has told me when we have had a chance to talk. It is important to read it. It discusses the realities and the mistakes made to date. I'm just going to pull one excerpt that I think is vital to understanding the situation over there.

2. Leaving Iran alone. An intelligence officer in Iraq (not at Camp Justice), used the phrase “uninterrupted flow of weapons and ammunition” when I asked him how much Iran was influencing the violence in Iraq. The fact is, Iran has been sending more and more weaponry into Iraq in the past year to 18 months, and it has been assisting the insurgents and the militias (Shia and Sunni alike) in supplying what the Army calls “explosive force projectile” IEDs. These EFP-IEDs are easily hidden and incredibly destructive, and their construction is simply beyond the ability of the warring groups within Iraq. Iranian Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guard trainers have been directly assisting and training the militias as well, making them more dangerous to the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi people and to our troops. Iran must be dealt with and it must be taken out of Iraq, or Iraq will remain a violent, lethal place for our troops and its people. As long as Iranian arms and expertise get into Iraq uninterrupted, Iraq will not become stable and our troops will have to remain there in large numbers. The Iranians want Iraq to remain unstable and they want us to have to keep a large force there dealing with the insurgents, terrorists and militias, which is why the ISG’s belief that chaos in Iraq is against Iran’s interests was met with such derision by the troops in Iraq. And believe me, it was.

There is a lot more there, of course. It is worth reading it all.  Mistakes made; lethally bad reporting by the media; destructive feedback loops between the left in the West and the Iranian-backed terrorists. Much, much more. But the Iranian involvement is vital to understanding what has happened and is happening. That flow of weapons needs to be stopped.

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  1. It’s too bad we don’t have enough troops in there to guard the Iranian border. Can’t we just split Iraq in three and send all the troops to each border? Let the Sunnis and Shiites form their own country. We’ll just make sure they stay on their own side.

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