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A Story

Untitled document I once worked with a guy who I thought was a straight shooter. He and I were on night shift together for quite a long time. I never once had an occasion to think anything he ever told … Continue reading

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Canadian Cruelty Update

Untitled document We brought you the story of the cruel treatment of illegal immigrants by Canadian authorities earlier. They captured the offender and subjected him to inhuman conditions of confinement while searching for volunteers to transport the felon back to … Continue reading

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The Byrd-Reid Full Spin Ahead Earmark Protection Racket

Untitled document I mentioned earlier the disgraceful Washington Post spin-o-rama article that tried to blame the failure of a cloture vote on the Senate ethics bill on Republicans. Jonathan Weisman tried his level best to spin the entire thing based … Continue reading

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Is The Surge Already Working?

Untitled document The Associated Press of all outlets, is reporting that the "Mahdi Army" of thug Muqtada al Sadr is increasingly off balance and appears to be reeling under pinpoint attacks that is capturing its highest commanders. The Maliki government … Continue reading

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Pentagon Withdraws Report

Untitled document In a bizarre turn of events, the Pentagon report that warned that coins containing tracking devices had been slipped to defense contractors in Canada has been withdrawn. The Defense Security Service had insisted that the report was true … Continue reading

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Roof Rats Over Phoenix

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ is busy ramping up for its themed celebration next year of the Year of the Rat. Word has come from Phoenix, Arizona that a plague of roof rats (rattus rattus) has descended on the area. … Continue reading

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Deer Overrunning Iowa

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ is well on the way toward its goal of overrunning the state of Iowa. The animals are intentionally targeting the traditional home of the first stage in the presidential nomination process in an attempt to subvert … Continue reading

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Carter Speech Will Have Rebuttal

Untitled document Jimmy Carter's speech at Brandeis University will not be allowed to pass unchallenged after all. Despite Carter's refusal to debate Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law School professor will be giving a rebuttal following Carter's appearance. Harvard Law School … Continue reading

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Gates: Iran Overplayed Hand

Untitled document Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is being quoted as telling the Saudi and Gulf state rulers that Iran has overplayed its hand and is becoming a serious regional concern. Well, yeah, but its nice to see that acknowledged … Continue reading

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Blind Drive

Untitled document In Spain they do at any rate. At a very high rate of speed, too. A Spanish court has ruled that a man caught driving 154 km per hour (96 miles per hour) in a BMW was actually blinded … Continue reading

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Time And Space

Untitled document A Danish scientist, one who actually appears not to be a raving lunatic, by the way, has actually done a study on why aliens haven't found the Earth yet. His conclusion? There simply hasn't been enough time. Using … Continue reading

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The Very Definition Of Spin

Untitled document Today's Washington Post coverage of the ruckus in the Senate over the Gregg amendment is practically the dictionary definition of spin. Senate Republicans scuttled broad legislation last night to curtail lobbyists' influence and tighten congressional ethics rules, refusing … Continue reading

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More About The Suppression Of Speech

Untitled document Apropos the articles I linked yesterday: The Weather Channel’s (TWC) Heidi Cullen, who hosts the weekly global warming program "The Climate Code," is advocating that the American Meteorological Society (AMS) revoke their "Seal of Approval" for any television … Continue reading

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Defending The Indefensible

Untitled document Will Hutton, writing in the Guardian, has an astonishing piece of moral relativism that is difficult to comprehend. While insisting that he is not apologizing for Mao's depredations in China, he proceeds to apologize for them anyway. He … Continue reading

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Another Opinion

Untitled document Despite the Washington Post's reporting on the latest manufactured outrage in the "Arab street", Richard Brookhiser, writing in the New York Observer points out one indisputable fact about Saddam Hussein's hanging: He will not be coming back. And Brookhiser says … Continue reading

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