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Used Car For Sale: Only Four Owners

Untitled document Which isn't bad, considering the car was built in 1903. Actually, the car sold today at auction to a collector. The oldest Ford automobile in existence. One of the first three model A Fords to ever be sold … Continue reading

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Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has had his rubber stamp legislature grant their seal of approval to his demand that he be allowed to dictate law by executive fiat. Venezuela has begun the descent into dictatorship and rule by personality cult. … Continue reading

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Sadr Afraid

Untitled document The Guardian reports that Moqtada al Sadr is afraid he is a target in the crackdown in Baghdad. He has accordingly moved his family to an undisclosed location and will undoubtedly follow in short order. He'll rabbit, he … Continue reading

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Things You Find In The Logs

Untitled document Here's an interesting little tidbit that came up in the Sitemeter logs today. Word Around the Net did a wee bit of debunking back on Tuesday. It is a very, very thorough dismantling of a column by Australian … Continue reading

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Al Gore In Texas?

Untitled document At least three dozen juvenile green sea turtles had to be rescued from a shallow bay on South Padre Island, Texas when the water temperature plummeted 18 degrees in just 48 hours. The turtle-sicles were comatose from the … Continue reading

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Turning Over Rocks

Untitled document Still more things emerging from under freshly turned rocks at the United Nations. Fox News is reporting that the US State Department has sent a formal complaint to the UN alleging serious misconduct in the United Nations Development … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Threat Of Global Warming! FAT MOOSE!

Untitled document A Norwegian researcher is predicting the ultimate calamity of calamities as a result of global warming. Ginormousy overweight moose will soon be rolling down the mountains of Norway crushing puny humans with abandon. All because they no longer … Continue reading

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WARNING: “Storm Worm”

Untitled document This is pretty important. An internet worm has been sent around potentially infecting thousands of computers. The worm was embedded in an email titled, "230 dead as storm batters Europe." If you opened such an email you may … Continue reading

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Suburban Snakes

Untitled document The Telegraph reports that the reptile legions of the Animal Uprising™, having conquered Australia, have decided they want the good life. Accordingly, the snakes are moving into fancy new digs in the suburbs. Australia's severe drought is driving deadly snakes out … Continue reading

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Protests Against The Animal Uprisingâ„¢ Increase

Untitled document Some animals want no part whatsoever in the Animal Uprising™ that the animal warlords are promoting worldwide. A small group has decided it is time to take it to the streets to protest. Members of the anti-Animal Uprising™ … Continue reading

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Seals Take In A Movie

Untitled document A fierce storm that lashed the Netherlands led a group of Animal Uprising™ seals to reach a temporary truce with humans. Needing a place to wait out the gale, the seals decided to take in a movie at … Continue reading

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On A Completely Different Note

Untitled document The newest product to hit the trendy market is what is being billed as a "musical condom". While a bit of a misnomer, better for a snappy headline, the marketing concept ties a box of flavored condoms with … Continue reading

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Ethics Bill Passes Senate

Untitled document With what appears to have been a very cleverly negotiated settlement, the Senate ethics reform bill that Washington Post reporter Jonathan Weisman had declared "scuttled by Republicans" passed last night. The Gregg amendment was taken out of that … Continue reading

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Top Al Sadr Aide Arrested

Untitled document Iraqi government forces, along with American troops raided a house in Eastern Baghdad and arrested one of the top aides to thug Moqtada al Sadr just after midnight on Friday. One Mahdi Army guard was killed in the … Continue reading

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