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Not One Penny

Untitled document Robert Goodloe Harper is credited with coining the phrase, "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute". Taking that thought and running with it, there are a few people who are organizing a petition drive. But the … Continue reading

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Castro “Almost Jogging”: Chavez

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez, ever the optimist for his role model, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, says that the maximum leader is walking. In fact, he may be jogging says Venezuela's dictator-in-progress. Chavez said he was pleased to hear from Cuban … Continue reading

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Georgia On My Mind

Untitled document Not the one Hoagy Carmichael had in mind, either (which wasn't written about the state anyway). Authorities in the Republic of Georgia are reporting that a man was caught trying to sell a small amount of Highly Enriched … Continue reading

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Untitled document The US Military today unveiled a brand new weapon that comes right out of Buck Rogers. An honest-to-goodness ray gun. If hit by the beam, a person feels as if they are about to catch on fire, but … Continue reading

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Fearsome Felon Flies Free

Untitled document British authorities are desperately searching for one of the masterminds of the Animal Uprising™ who escaped from one of the British animal prisons (cunningly disguised as a "zoo" to avoid terrifying the populace). The felon, one Florence "Pinkie" Flamingo, is … Continue reading

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Right For The Wrong Reasons

Untitled document A couple of days ago news came out about the latest "last taboo" to be crossed, that of beastiality. A movie on that subject premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (which really should considera name change substituting "Filth" for … Continue reading

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The Pork Shall Inherit The Earth

Untitled document Or at least the US Senate. Democrats in the Senate have blocked a vote on the Gregg amendment that would have at least exposed some of the most egregious pork stuffed merrily into unrelated bills. Washington, D.C. – … Continue reading

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A Kerry Out Moment

Untitled document No, we're not having Chinese for lunch. John "Unlucky Hat" Kerry has dropped out of contention for the 2008 Democratic party nomination, according to the Associated Press. WASHINGTON – Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democrats' losing presidential candidate … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover Obvious

Untitled document And it only took them three whole years to figure out! We're so proud of them. After three long years of trial after trial after trial after trial German scientists have reached the stunning conclusion that sloths were … Continue reading

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Stealth Squirrels Stalk Southsea

Untitled document Showing once again that they just do not understand the danger facing humanity from the Animal Uprising™, the Brits are getting gooey about one of the shock troops. The Daily Mail reports that people in Southsea believe the … Continue reading

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Layers Of Perfeshnul Editorers

Untitled document Forbes has an interesting little article on fame in the internet age. They list what they call the top 25 "Web Celebs" and have a slideshow of their picks. One of their picks is Charles Johnson of Little … Continue reading

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Nifong Charged With Additional Ethics Violations

Untitled document The North Carolina State Bar has added still more charges against Durham County District Attorney and well known Duke non-rape persecutor Mike Nifong. These charges are enough for Nifong's removal from the state bar. The words "prosecutorial" and … Continue reading

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Endless Voyage

Untitled document Two experienced SCUBA divers reported the discovery of an unusual shipwreck recently. They found a two-masted schooner at the bottom of Lake Ontario with her masts still intact sitting on the bottom as if she had sailed to that spot. The … Continue reading

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Pastor Gets Prison

Untitled document An American court has sent a human accomplice of the Animal Uprising™ to prison for a year. The reverend Kevin Thompson was convicted of the crime of shark-running. Which is sort of like gun-running but with lots more teeth. Kevin … Continue reading

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More Silence

Untitled document Jeff Jacoby, writing in the Boston Globe, notices another strange silence today. The silence of the Democrats who have declared their intentions to seek the presidential nomination on the subject of islamist terrorism. Barack Obama launched his exploratory … Continue reading

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