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Castro At The Helm!

Untitled document The loud wind never reached the ship, Yet now the ship moved on ! Beneath the lightning and the Moon The dead men gave a groan. They groaned, they stirred, they all uprose, Nor spake, nor moved their … Continue reading

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Of Course You Know This Means War…..

Untitled document I go and do this little photoshop on December 15th: And Doug Ross has to go an up the ante today: That is a gauntlet. The full might and power of the Crabitat is coming for you, Ross. … Continue reading

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It Begins

Untitled document Wannabe dictator (T)Hugo Chavez is now taking the first formal steps to turn Venezuela into Cuba South. He is now threatening to expel the American ambassador. Because the US ambassador told the world that Chavez could not simply … Continue reading

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Rodent’s Revenge

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ has unleashed its latest horror on the unsuspecting people of New Jersey. This time it's chemical warfare. They are releasing toxic squirrels in the Garden State. TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey has warned squirrel hunters … Continue reading

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Petition Update

Untitled document The online petition to tell the Republican leadership that some of us regard Senate votes for a non-binding anti-war resolution bad for the troops and encouraging for America's enemies is going strong. As of this post over 11,000 … Continue reading

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“Death Awaits You All With Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth” Part 2

Untitled document While American Animal Uprising™ warlords are dealing with Satan to develop their evil ultimate weapons, the Chinese animal leaders are going a different route. They are using genetic manipulation to produce ever more deadly animals. In this case, … Continue reading

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Animal Uprising™ Makes Pact With Satan

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ has made a deal with Satan himself in hopes of producing the ultimate weapon to conquer the Earth. They have already taken delivery of the first of the super weapons but an alert hunter managed … Continue reading

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Soothing Snakes

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have long been trying to get people to pay attention to the gathering menace of the Animal Uprising™. There are the occasional signs that people are paying attention to our calm and rational … Continue reading

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Secret War

Untitled document Strategy Page is reporting that the Saudi government is supply a lot of funding and assistance to groups opposing Iran in a number of hot spots in the Middle East. If true, it is about time they started … Continue reading

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Fighting In The Streets

Untitled document A fierce riot broke out today in Beirut. Students at Beirut Arab University began attacking one another with sticks, rocks and furniture. Then it got violent. BEIRUT, Lebanon – Government and opposition supporters clashed at a Beirut university … Continue reading

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Toxic Corrosion

Untitled document Daniel Henninger, in his weekly column for the Opinion Journal, points out the toxic effect that the media coverage and the political atmosphere are having on America's will. He also points out how badly damaged the United States … Continue reading

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The Massacre At Gnomesville

Untitled document It really is too bad that there are people in this world who think they have a right to destroy other's property for kicks. A little bit of whimsy in Australia is the latest victim of vandals to … Continue reading

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Helpful Media Reports

Untitled document The other day, reports were circulating that putting your kitchen sponge into a microwave oven and zapping it for a while would sterilize it. Reuters was one of the media outlets that published the information. Only one problem. … Continue reading

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Vulture Politics

Untitled document Robert Novak has an interesting column in today's Washington Post. He makes a few startling revelations that indicate there will be no bipartisanship while the Democrats are in power. When President Bush called for a bipartisan "special advisory … Continue reading

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Gone Hollywood

Untitled document It seems that a few Hollywood folks that have been supporters of Hillary! Clinton in the past are arranging a little fundraiser. Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, founders of Dreamworks SKG, are throwing a ritzy, invitation only affair … Continue reading

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