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Channeling Smokey

Untitled document Dr. Sanity is channeling Smokey Robinson.  (I sense a new project for Crustacean Toy Works, Ltd……) Tweet

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New Action Figure!

Untitled document We are proud to be the first to present the newest collectible action figure from Crustacean Toy Works, Ltd. This one, ripped from today's fishwrapper, will be an instant classic! Bigger than the talking Algore (withdrawn from the … Continue reading

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Emboldening The Enemy

Untitled document I really had my doubts about the choice of Robert Gates for Secretary of Defense. He's earning my respect however. AllahPundit has video of him pointing out that any resolution coming out of the Senate that essentially deprives … Continue reading

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John Howard Stands Fast

Untitled document A toast to John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia. He refuses to "rat" on an ally and pull Australian troops out of Iraq. Prime Minister John Howard says he will not "rat on" his ally by pulling … Continue reading

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More Murderous Moose

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ has a long history of raising zombie animals to attack humans. It's like a hobby for them. So longtime readers know all about the various unclean, undead beasts they have unleashed (including moose, we hasten … Continue reading

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Nasrallah’s Tigers

Untitled document Michael Totten, a truly invaluable source of information on Lebanon, has a post up detailing how close Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is to igniting a civil war. Totten puts the odds at North of 50% and growing. The … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Kicks Off Campaign

Untitled document Senator Joe Biden is officially kicking off his campaign for the 2008 presidential nomination. We were fortunate enough to get a picture of his kickoff event, announcing his candidacy to an adoring throng. Tweet

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Iran To Launch Satellite?

Untitled document AFP is reporting that Iran is about to attempt to launch a satellite. This would, of course, be seen as a huge increase in the threat Iran poses to the entire world. It may also reflect just how … Continue reading

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Grassroots Support

Untitled document [My son sent me an email to be posted here. I will not link to the site he describes for rather obvious reasons.] Hello fellow readers of the Boulevard. Many apologies for the lack of posts in the past … Continue reading

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The Answering Machine

Untitled document Here's an excerpt from a German book published last year by Henryk M. Broder that has been translated by Der Spiegel. The book is entitled, "Hurray! We're Capitulating" and it does not paint a pretty picture of the … Continue reading

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The Incredible Disappearing Dog Trick

Untitled document A Malaysian fruit grower had decided to use guard dogs to protect his orchard. Which would have been fine if the dogs hadn't kept disappearing. One after another the dogs would simply vanish. After the eleventh one disappeared, … Continue reading

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So Much For Principle

Untitled document The Washington Post today carries an article that does more to explain Chucky Hagel's actions in the past weeks than any of the coverage up until now. They point out that he's contemplating a run for the White … Continue reading

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Action – Reaction

Untitled document The Washington Post is reporting that US forces have been authorized to capture or kill Iranian agents found operating inside Iraq. There is the usual cacophony of "unnamed" intelligence, defense and State Department who are "concerned" or "Skeptical" about … Continue reading

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