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The Pressure Is Working

Untitled document So Don't apply pressure. I think this is the logic Ali Ansari Is getting at in an odd op-ed in the Guardian. He spends the vast majority of his piece explaining why US pressure on Iran is working, … Continue reading

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Treasonous Talons

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard, your faithful scriveners of all matters related to the Animal Uprising™ regret to be the bearers of bad news of this magnitude. The very symbol of America, the bird who's likeness actually … Continue reading

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Untitled document Miss Oklahoma has won the title of Miss America, 2007. And no, I was not watching it, my daughter was and told me about it. But there is a nice hi-res picture at the link. Tweet

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He’s Right

Untitled document Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) has introduced a bill to stop the sale of surplus F-14 parts. The only country that still has F-14's is Iran. We should not be letting those parts out onto the surplus market. Period. … Continue reading

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Hubble Out Of Commission

Untitled document The Hubble telescope has suffered a failure of the main camera. It is unlikely that it can be restored to operation unless a repair mission is carried out. The impact of the loss of the Hubble is enormous … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger

Untitled document Tweet

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Palestinians Announce Ceasefire

Untitled document From AFP: Palestinian ceasefire due in hours: minister GAZA CITY (AFP) – The Palestinian ruling party Hamas and its rivals Fatah will enforce a ceasefire from 0100 GMT on Tuesday to end four days of bloodshed that has … Continue reading

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Aliens Bombard Florida

Untitled document The aliens are at it again. They've apparently given up on New Jersey and moved on to Florida. Now they're dropping icebergs on Ford Mustangs. TAMPA, Fla. – Raymond Rodriguez was changing a tire when an 18-inch chunk … Continue reading

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Damn Nice Of Them

Untitled document The Russian government is thinking about maybe investigating the theft of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) from their nuclear facilities. Mind you, they're only considering it. Hell, only two Russians have been arrested so far selling HEU illegally. Damn … Continue reading

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Rodents Of Unusual Size…..

Untitled document Port Elizabeth in South Africa is under siege by "rats the size of cats" according to the Mail & Guardian newspaper. The situation is considered rather serious. Of course, it isn't being taken seriously by the government, just … Continue reading

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About Time

Untitled document The New York Sun reports that US intelligence officials are working on declassifying material that implicates Iran in providing lethal explosive devices to the Iraqi insurgents. I have mentioned before that the troops know exactly when shipments come … Continue reading

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Shaddap When I’m Conversin’ Widja

Untitled document Hillary solves ALL the world's problems. Now excuse while I go gouge my mind's eye out. I did NOT need that mental image. Tweet

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A Severe Case

Untitled document This op-ed from the Los Angeles Times astounds me. David Bell is a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University and a contributing editor for the New Republic magazine. And he appears to be trying to reframe 9/11 … Continue reading

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Fauxtography And Hezbollah

Untitled document Hey, it worked with Rueters, the Associated Press and the New York Times, why not for Hezbollah television? Michael Totten notes two Lebanese bloggers (Rampurple and Jeha) catching Hezbollah puppet Michel Aoun trying to foist a fauxtography exhibit onto … Continue reading

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About That Memory Hole

Untitled document John Fund, at least, is trying to keep asking questions about Sandy "Socks" Berger and his bergerlary of the National Archives. The rest of the media appears to be doing its level best to make this a non-story. … Continue reading

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