“A Monastic Way Of Life In Solitude And Silence….”

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And also bake some great bread. A Trappist monastery in Upstate New York, the Abbey of the Genesee, will begin selling the bread and other baked goods they produce over the internet. Monk's Bread is already sold in many supermarkets in the Upstate region and I can vouch for it being very, very good. Especially the raisin bread, trust me.

Thousands of loaves of bread are baked at the Abbey of the Genesee in the hamlet of Piffard, south of Rochester, each week. The monastery, which has been producing bread for a half-century, sells the bread in supermarkets in Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Monks' Bread fans from outside the region already can place orders using a toll-free phone line. Brother Paul Richards said that within the next two or three weeks, an online ordering system should be fully functional on the Monks' Bread Web site.

Like I said, its darned good bread. And they also sell a chocolate chip whiskey cake. Which I have never had, but I expect to rectify that soon. Here is the website for the Abbey of the Genesee. They are not fully functional yet, but they do have limited ordering capability, so you don't have to wait.

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2 Responses to “A Monastic Way Of Life In Solitude And Silence….”

  1. I met Monk’s Bread years ago, while staying at a B&B in Deposit, NY. Fell right into major lust; brought back a bunch of the stuff and froze it every subsequent time we go up there. Have begged friends who own delis here on Staten Island to stock the stuff, “I’ll but the whole shipment myself!” to no avail.

    I am SO gonna haunt their website when it goes online!

  2. Gaius says:

    Geeze, I should get paid a commission for all the business I’m sending them! It is really delicious bread. This will be a very good business, just watch.

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