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This is really important. All of you politicians, all of you fair weather supporters of the troops. This matters. Do not read beyond this point until you have read what is written over at the link.

Is there a lot of just plain bitching in that? Yup, sure is. Is there a lot of truth with a capital "T"? Oh, yeah. If you separate out the, for want of a better term, typical soldier gripes (issues about uniforms and the like) the author has hit on a lot of real, serious issues. The steady, relentless assault against our troops and their efforts at home exact a price on morale in the field. The endless posturing by would-be presidential candidates, announced or not have a real cost on the ground in the war zone.

That cost is paid by American volunteer soldiers. For obvious reasons, I take that very, very personally.

The endless, mindless political positioning going on in this country costs lives. It costs us, as a nation, some of the best and brightest. Not the dregs of society, uneducated and unskilled, as certain overtly anti-American, botched joke wielding junior Senators would portray them. Good, decent Americans who believe in this country and are willing to fight for it and what it stands for.

They are not children, they choose to serve. And they do it with a magnificence and a steadfastness that humbles me. And should humble the people in Washington that should be standing behind them. Not standing in the wings endlessly carping and trying to undermine them and put them in greater danger.

Your political posturing plays games with people and with their lives. Your senseless drive for higher political office or influence, no matter what the cost, has a price. You can drive hard to undermine the office of the president you seek with such naked lust. But ask yourself this: after you have done your best to gut the office to get to it, will it be worth having? Will the blood on your hands of those you betrayed on the way to your goal ever be washed away? Will there be a great nation left to guide or a greatly reduced nation waiting to be further humiliated by savages acting out seventh century barbarisms you were too frail and spineless to face?

It is not too late to stop this self-destruction. But the window is only open a bit longer. Shame on all of you for what you are doing. Shame.

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