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Spare Me

Untitled document Well, I for one am glad we have semi-articulate movie actors explaining the intricacies of global warming to us, aren't you? And singers explaining how simple it all is just thrill me to no end, too! Celebrities including … Continue reading

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Read This

Untitled document This is really important. All of you politicians, all of you fair weather supporters of the troops. This matters. Do not read beyond this point until you have read what is written over at the link. Is there … Continue reading

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Oh Goody, A Replacement

Untitled document Wesley Cook, the guy who likes to be called Mumia Abu-Jamal, just isn't generating the kind of star power he used to muster. The Hollywood types have been distracted by other bright shiny objects and moved along to … Continue reading

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Most Newlyweds Go On A Honeymoon

Untitled document Others come up with something new and different. Like knocking over a bank. Kylee Rich, 20, was arrested Saturday, shortly after swapping cars with her husband, who is accused of robbing $3,100 from a Wells Fargo branch in … Continue reading

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Hillary! Is No Lincoln

Untitled document Lee Harris has a really good article up over at TCS Daily that I highly recommend reading. It takes a look at the statement Hillary Clinton made over the weekend in Iowa. She demanded that President Bush finish … Continue reading

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The Kangaroo Courts Of The Animal Uprisingâ„¢

Untitled document We've mentioned that when the Animal Uprising™'s lawyers badger a witness, they use real badgers. Well, it turns out that when they have a kangaroo court, they use real kangaroos as judges, too. So it is no surprise … Continue reading

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Evil Never Dies

Untitled document Apparently, anyway. Fidel Castro still won't croak, despite reports to the contrary. HAVANA – Cuban state television on Tuesday showed a video of a healthier looking Fidel Castro meeting and speaking with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the first … Continue reading

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Letting Them In

Untitled document We continue to be surprised by the people who simply will not listen to our thoughtful and calm warnings about the Animal Uprising™. Some people think animals are "cute" and don't see the danger they present. So it … Continue reading

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Pentagon Gets Clue

Untitled document The Pentagon announced that it has halted all sales of F-14 parts unilaterally. Stunningly, common sense seems to have broken out. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said Tuesday it had stopped selling surplus F-14 parts, announcing the step after … Continue reading

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This Is Actually Sad

Untitled document The small Canadian town of Herouxville in Quebec is making the news today because of a new set of rules the town council voted into place. The new rules say immigrants to the town must "not stone women in … Continue reading

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Responses To Nick Cohen

Untitled document I linked to a book excerpt in the Guardian written by Nick Cohen earlier. The book takes a very hard look at the left and where it has lost its way. I thought it was brilliantly written and … Continue reading

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Hell Duck

Untitled document We keep trying to warn people. But will they listen? Nooooooo. We told everyone (except those who have taken out restraining orders, we hasten to add) that the Animal Uprising™ had perfected the Florida Ring-Necked Zombie Duck in … Continue reading

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Undermining Morale

Untitled document This video, which unbelievably comes from NBC News, captures exactly what my son has said to me on several occasions. What is hurting the troops is the failure of support back home. The steady, relentless undermining of the … Continue reading

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Palestinian Ceasefire Goes Into Effect, One Dead

Untitled document I don't think they quite understand the concept. Shortly after a ceasefire was put in place with much media attention, a top Hamas commander was shot in the head. Palestinian "ceasefires" are funny like that. GAZA (Reuters) – … Continue reading

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Dawn Of The Dead Moose

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard work tirelessly to warn the world about the dangers of the Animal Uprising™. Oh, sure, it's a thankless task but we keep at it as a service to all of human kind. … Continue reading

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