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Live From Linuxville

Untitled document Well, this is being written from the new Linux box. Or rather, the really old box that has a new Linux installation. I am having a bit of trouble with getting Java installed at the moment. That is … Continue reading

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Smoke, Mirrors And Al Gore

Untitled document Here's an absolutely devastating analysis of the "defense" Al "Big Electric" Gore had his sycophants screeching when the news got out about his absolutely gargantuan energy usage at his home. Ecotality plants a big, old carbon footprint right … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Surprises

Untitled document A 74 year old Italian woman got quite a surprise when she examined the sack of potatoes she purchased at her local market. She found a pineapple in there. As in a live hand grenade. "I found a bomb … Continue reading

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The Solution To Global Warming!

Untitled document Thanks to a former Canadian Defense Minister, we now know the solution to global warming! It's so simple. We don' t have to give up a thing with this solution, either. All we do is get the aliens … Continue reading

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Unemployment Rate Climbs Sharply In Kansas

Untitled document In a true sign of a worsening economy, hundreds are expected to go on the unemployment lines at Kansas State University. The administration has bowed to pressure groups and has ordered that there will be no more chicken … Continue reading

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The Computer Saga, Linux Edition

Untitled document I've mentioned a few times the ongoing battles with computers around the Crabitat. Between driver problems, software issues and "fun" programs installed by the kids, it's been kind of unpleasant. Add to those the general intrusiveness of Microsoft … Continue reading

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The Wreck Of The Wrathful Rabbit

Untitled document A woman from Thomaston, Georgia was lucky to survive the wreck of her pickup truck after an agent of the Animal Uprising™ attempted to hijack the vehicle. Suspicion arose about the cause of the accident when Melton left … Continue reading

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The Truth About Tyranny

Untitled document The left in this country and in the West in general like to screech about how they are being silenced. They tend to do this on national television, moaning about how civil liberties are being taken away from … Continue reading

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Publicity Stunts

Untitled document Leading scholars and respected researchers are raising their voices against the so-called revelations of James Cameron of the Tomb of Jesus and his family. They are calling it a shameless publicity stunt with no real basis in fact. … Continue reading

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Stepping In It

Untitled document The Pelosi-Murtha team is still trying to rally support for their transparent attempt to lose the war in Iraq, but the house Democrats are not jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, they are beginning to fracture politically over … Continue reading

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Bad Day For NASA

Untitled document A brief hailstorm that dropped golf ball sized hail on the Kennedy Space Center caused significant damage to the insulation for the external fuel tank of the space shuttle Atlantis. The vehicle will have to be rolled back … Continue reading

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Down The Memory Hole

Untitled document The big (and probably wrong, in my opinion) story of the day, that the Taliban tried to assassinate Vice President Cheney gathered a lot of typically hateful commentary from the left. Mostly it lamented that the attack had … Continue reading

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Rust Never Sleeps

Untitled document A Photo my 14-year old daughter took over the weekend. Tweet

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Flash! Aliens Abduct Carl Levin

Untitled document At least that is what we suspect just happened. 'Cause it sure don't sound much like the Carl we've come to know through other sound bites. He actually admits al Qaeda is in Iraq and American troops need … Continue reading

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Venezuela Continues Descent

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has now taken the easily foreseen step of seizing foreign owned oil projects in Venezuela. (Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming, then slap yourself). He plans on "occupying" the oil fields as soon … Continue reading

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