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The Daily Mail is reporting that two British Muslim soldiers who were targets of a terror plot to kidnap and kill one of them knew of the plot and helped the police by allowing themselves to be used as bait. Even though the authorities kept them under surveillance at all times, it was a very brave act.

Two British Muslim soldiers targeted by the alleged beheading gang were used in an extraordinary "sting" operation to snare their assassins, it has emerged.

The courageous pair agreed to act like "tethered goats" in an attempt to catch the extremists plotting to kidnap them.

The soldiers – who are not thought to have told their families that they were potential targets – were placed under unprecedented surveillance for weeks as officers waited for the terrorists to strike.

And as they tried to carry out their ordinary duties, the pair were aware that if the gang attempted to stage their abduction they could be attacked and bundled into a waiting vehicle at any time.

To prevent this, the security forces mounted a sophisticated surveillance operation.

In an operation reminiscent of a spy drama, their every move was monitored by a team of crack MI5 agents – linked to the soldiers by the latest in modern technology.

Details of the astonishing operation emerged last night as police were granted permission to carry on questioning nine men arrested on Wednesday in raids across Birmingham.

Good for them. The plot against these men was, according to earlier reports, sponsored by al Qaeda. If more people stand up against the terrorists, they will lose in the long run.

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5 Responses to Bravery

  1. Lars Walker says:

    Hats off to them. I’m wondering–are these guys going to have targets on their backs for the rest of their lives?

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  3. TourPro says:

    Very cool, I can’t wait to hear more details. In regards to the previous comment, I’d say it’s about time for all moderate muslims to step up.

  4. They deserve tremendous approbation. We all hope we would do as well if the call came to us. The call came to them. They answered.

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