Seattle Paper Covers Watada Court

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer actually has a pretty straightforward report on the court martial of Ehren Watada. The reporters, Mike Barbar and Kery Murakami do a pretty well even handed report. There are protests and counter protests planned and giant puppet heads will be in attendance.

Operation Support Our Troops expects to counter Watada supporters with rallies from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today on Exit 122 off Interstate 5. The bridge, festooned with yellow ribbons and red, white and blue streamers, is named "Freedom Bridge" for the group's longtime rallies supporting the military and the troops.

Watada's supporters say they also support troops, but do so by wanting them out of Iraq. They expect to gather in force for a peaceful demonstration today at Exit 119, where they have held peace vigils in the past.

Sunday, both sides rallied to the cause.

"Look. Look at all the people waving and honking," said Jordan Haines, a retired Air Force veteran who was on the overpass at Exit 122, waving back at motorists with his hand and flag.

Sentiment there was nearly unanimous that Watada had chosen to join the military knowing he might be called on to go to war and that, as the Army contends, he was betraying his fellow soldiers by refusing to fight.

"How does the guy who took his place (in Iraq) feel?" Haines asked. "We don't hear from them because they're over there."

Operation Support Our Troops website is here (the P-I story has a bum link).

UPDATE: Others: Gateway Pundit, The Moderate Voice (Polimom writing, cross post at her blog).

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