Tipping Point

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I realize my posting has been very light the past week or so – and really light the last couple of days. I have been fighting – hard – with a number computer problems. First repetitive crashing on my main office computer, then the kid's installation of "fun" little games then a couple of software malfunctions that resulted in uninstall/reinstalls. The ridiculous crashing problem appears to have been resolved by deleting all – and I mean every single speck – of ATI software from my system and letting Windows simply find and install only the drivers for my video card. The kid's computer mess has been a long and ugly process, involving rootkits and registry scrubbing.

Then we get to the tipping point today.

I have a backup computer, if you will. It is a slightly less capable computer than my main one, but is a solid little system I built from an Abit IS7-V2 motherboard. It has an Intel Celeron clocked at 2.9 GHz and 512 Gbytes of (slightly slow) PC 2700 memory. While battling the problems with the main box, I was simultaneously updating the backup with all the latest Windows XP patches (the box hadn't been online in a while). All that went swimmingly.

Then I installed some better PC 3200 memory in the backup. And all hell broke loose.

Windows Genuine Disadvantage® tool decided my box was no longer compliant with the dictates of the mothership and disabled my internet connection and informed me I had to revalidate my legal software. All of a sudden, my wireless card was no longer on the system and I had no way to validate. I had to call, spend 45 minutes or so of my time trying to get the damned Windows software revalidated (which it was – hell, I had just downloaded 41 critical updates not an hour before I installed memory). Then I tried to figure out why I suddenly had no wireless card – I mean it was not even there according to Windows. Then I shut the computer off and on three times and suddenly the card was back and I was connected. (The card stopped working and disappeared from the system exactly when Windows decided I needed to revalidate it and only came back after I had.)

So now, it appears that Microsoft has decided to disable things on my system if I change or add components.

And I'm done with them. I'll keep my legal copies of XP, I'll keep running it on these computers I own until they die of old age. But I will be damned if I will ever buy another Microsoft product of any kind whatsoever.

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  1. In an amazing coincidence today I’ve also reached my limit. Numerous failures to download IE 7 and agonizing attempts to get help from Microsoft Customer noService. That and the tales of SF author John Ringo about days spent battling with Microsoft to get his computer working with Vista I’m cutting the cord.

    I’ve downloaded Firefox and scrubbed IE off my machine. Hopefully Dell will soon start sending out boxes with Red Hat preloaded. They are doing so with business units now.

    PS (If I also just posted a similar message blame it on my lack of familiarity with Firefox hot keys.)

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  3. I was in Citcuit City yesterday, scoping out HD TVs for the coming baseball season while Wife looked at laptops. When I went over to see what she was up to I heard the sales kid say “Vista ready.” I ask how much RAM and he tells me “one gig.”

    I wanted to kill him on the spot.

  4. BubbaB says:

    So, Gaius, I take it you ain’t all a-twitter about installing Vista on your machines?

  5. Bubbab? That subject makes the Crab crabby.
    Pick that nit!

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