Flash! Aliens Abduct Carl Levin

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At least that is what we suspect just happened. 'Cause it sure don't sound much like the Carl we've come to know through other sound bites. He actually admits al Qaeda is in Iraq and American troops need to stay and deal with that.

Today, he got bolder and and called for escalation of the offensives against both Iran and Syria. Bravo. Speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, Senator Levin said to John Michael McConnell, Director of National Intelligence,

I think we ought to take action on all fronts including Syria and any other source of weapons coming in, obviously Iran is the focus – but it shouldn’t be the sole focus.

Folks, did you get that? In addition to admitting we need to keep troops behind in Iraq, Carl Levin now says we need to go after Syria and Iran. In fact, in asking John McConnell about what steps were being taken to cut off weaponry coming in from Syria, Levin went so far as to ask this question:

I was just wondering, does the military have a plan to, if necessary, to go into Syria to go to the source of any weapons coming from Syria?

Frankly, I'm speechless.

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