Life’s Little Surprises

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A 74 year old Italian woman got quite a surprise when she examined the sack of potatoes she purchased at her local market. She found a pineapple in there.

As in a live hand grenade.

"I found a bomb in the potatoes," Olga Mauriello said in a telephone interview with Reuters.

"I went to the market to buy some potatoes and that's where the bomb was. But this bomb was covered in dirt, and I put it in water and got all dirt off. And then I realized 'It's a bomb'!"

Police said the pine cone-shaped grenade, which had no pin and was still active, was the same type used by U.S. soldiers in Europe in World War Two. Authorities believe the mix-up happened at a farm in France, where the grenade was plucked from the ground along with potatoes.

Of course stories like this are nothing new, either.

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2 Responses to Life’s Little Surprises

  1. bird dog says:

    Funny. Glad she noticed before she tried to mash it.

  2. OldeForce says:

    The French – and more than a few other countries – are still finding munitions that date back as far as WWI.

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