Stepping In It

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The Pelosi-Murtha team is still trying to rally support for their transparent attempt to lose the war in Iraq, but the house Democrats are not jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, they are beginning to fracture politically over the matter, according to the Washington Post.

House Democratic leaders offered a full-throated defense last night of their plans to link Iraq war spending with rigorous standards for resting, training and equipping combat troops, saying that they would hold President Bush accountable for failing to meet those readiness tests.

But after a fractious meeting of the House Democratic caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said Democratic members still have not united around the proposal.

More than a week after Rep. John P. Murtha (Pa.) detailed plans that he said would curtail deployments to Iraq, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders said the coming debate on war funding would be about forcing the administration to live up to existing military requirements. War funds would be redirected toward equipment, such as night-vision goggles, that some troops lack. Democrats would insist on giving combat troops a year off between deployments, and they could impose restrictions on Pentagon policies that extend combat tours.

It would have been easier for them to try to slip this one over if John "Bigmouth" Murtha hadn't been so anxious to bask in the warm glow of anti-war activist acclaim. Want to bet Nancy Pelosi is really steamed at Johnny boy right now? His political ineptness will cause a serious divide in the Democratic caucus. The "Blue Dogs" want nothing to do with this plan to hamstring American commanders.

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One Response to Stepping In It

  1. cfaller96 says:

    Gaius, when you refer to Congressman Murtha’s “political ineptness,” are you referring to his ‘slow bleed’ comment? Careful, that’s a trick question, because he never said that…

    Also, as a hypothetical question, would there ever come a time when you would admit that we lost the Iraq War? You seem to accuse a lot of other people (including 2/3 of the American public) of trying to lose the war, without explaining why you don’t think the war is already lost.

    Can you imagine a military situation where even you had to admit that we can’t win and we’re just wasting lives there? I think your readers deserve to know if you’re the type of person that would never recognize a reality or a set of facts, if that reality and those facts weren’t to your liking. Kind of an important question, don’t you think?

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