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Wow, this one even got a major raspberry from Briton. John Travolta is lecturing people to "do their bit" to curb global warming.

That would be the John Travolta who owns a fleet of private jets. Which he flies around for fun. What's wrong with this picture? (Oh, and do, please, click the link to see the picture.)

His serious aviation habit means he is hardly the best person to lecture others on the environment. But John Travolta went ahead and did it anyway.

The 53-year-old actor, a passionate pilot, encouraged his fans to "do their bit" to tackle global warming.

But although he readily admitted: "I fly jets", he failed to mention he actually owns five, along with his own private runway.

Clocking up at least 30,000 flying miles in the past 12 months means he has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions – nearly 100 times the average Briton's tally.

Travolta made his comments this week at the British premiere of his movie, Wild Hogs.

He spoke of the importance of helping the environment by using "alternative methods of fuel" – after driving down the red carpet on a Harley Davidson.

Wow. Al "Gorezilla" Gore has a weird attraction to power lines and uses 20 times the national average of electricity in his home – and strip mines Tennessee to boot. John Travolta flies enormous carbon emitters into the upper atmosphere – pretty much just for the hell of it. (And I'd love to see the power bill for that little pad of his, too.) And these are the spokesmen for global warming?

Apparently, they are both in favor of it, so long as they get to cause it all by themselves. Screw the little people. Boy are their supporters getting shafted. They appear to be unable to see that.

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  1. Chris says:

    The little people are always the last to know. It’s all about feelings, anyway. They feel bad about what all of the little people are doing to pollute their planet, so something must be done. About those little people, of course. Not their betters.

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