How To Keep A Boy Amused

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First, find an old laptop computer on eBay. We're talking a Toshiba Satellite 4000CDT with a mighty Pentium II (with MMX technology, thank you very much, as the sticker on the case proudly proclaims) and an awe inspiring 96 Megabytes of RAM. Dead battery that won't take a charge, but with a functional CD-ROM and a floppy drive. Second, install a copy of Windows 98 (Second Edition) and make sure everything works. Check the expansive 3 Gigabyte hard disk drive and find it works perfectly with no bad sectors. Run all your various diagnostics that you have accumulated over the years and find that the computer, though old and slow, is flawless. Literally everything on it works to perfection. Third, install a few odd old games that were originally meant for Windows 95 and confirm that they all work properly. Rediscover the world of Myst. Then give it to your 12 year old son as an early birthday present.

It seems to be amusing him, too.

Not a bad way to spend $50.

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  1. BubbaB says:

    Happy Birthday, Son-of-Gaius!

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