Europeans Waking Up?

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Interesting developments in the new Iranian hostage drama. European governments appear to be backing the idea of escalating sanctions or punitive measures against Iran over the kidnapping of 15 British sailors and marines from Iraqi territorial waters. Even the Guardian newspaper is sounding increasingly belligerent.

The EU threatened to act against Iran last night if it did not immediately and unconditionally release the 15 British sailors and marines it has been holding for more than a week.

EU foreign ministers meeting in Bremen, Germany, threatened "appropriate measures" if Tehran did not let the group go, supporting Britain's position that the crew had been in Iraqi waters when they were seized eight days ago. The ministers did not spell out what measures would be taken, but British diplomats hoped they would involve an escalating array of punitive steps.

The tough statement was the kind of direct rebuke Britain had sought in vain from the UN security council on Thursday night when, in the face of resistance from Russia and others, the council only expressed concern but threatened no action. Despite the EU statement, prospects for a quick resolution to the crisis dwindled yesterday after another propaganda video and letter featuring more dubious confessions and apologies by the captives.

The only glimmer of hope for a quick diplomatic solution was a note presented yesterday to Britain's ambassador in Tehran, portrayed by Iranian officials as conciliatory, which bore some resemblance to a letter sent shortly before the end of a similar drama in 2004.

Iran is growing more bold – and hence acting with less rationality – directly as a result of the political posturing going on in the United States. As the US displays more and more internal disarray, it is going to get a lot worse in the world in the near future.

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3 Responses to Europeans Waking Up?

  1. The UN’s watered down response is what forced the EU’s hand. With no formal hostilities under way, Iran, technically, snatched “their” guys (and gal), since Britain is an EU member. Iran then thumbed their nose at the Geneva Conventions by parading them in front of the cameras and issuing those obviously coerced statements and letters. The idiots in Brussels were forced to respond this way if there will be any STRONG message sent by someone other than the US once Turtle Bay ducked its responsibility.

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  3. Defogger says:

    I hope that the “political posturing” you are referring to is the posturing of the Dems. Though GW has bungled badly here and there, the threat by Pelosi, Murtha, et al, to defund the war is a clear signal to every terrorist and dictator in the world that it is now open season on Western targets. I also doubt that the EU will implement sanctions with any teeth in them, in spite of their threats. The numerous Muslims already on their soil will make it difficult to make any sanctions stick.

    The seizing of the 15 Brits is only the beginning.

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