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The media is not giving favorable treatment to the lawsuit brought by the six flying imams and their attempt to chill reporting of suspicious behavior by airline passengers. Will this be the case that finally damages CAIR in the media and the public's perception? Quite possibly. When even MSNBC is coming down on the imams by running an AP story critical of the attempted legal abuse, it may be time for the imams and their enablers to back down.

MINNEAPOLIS – Six Muslim men removed from a plane last fall after being accused of suspicious behavior are suing the airline and threatening to sue the passengers who complained — a move some fear could discourage travelers from speaking up when they see something unusual.

The civil rights lawsuit, filed earlier this month, has so alarmed some lawyers that they are offering to defend the unnamed “John Doe” passengers free of charge. They say it is vital that the flying public be able to report suspicious behavior without fear of being dragged into court.

“When you drive up the road towards the airport, there’s a big road sign that says, ‘Report suspicious behavior,”’ said Gerry Nolting, a Minneapolis lawyer. “There’s no disclaimer that adds, ‘But beware if you do that, you might get sued.”’

The fact that this is the only incident like this on record should indicate to rational people that the six imams set up a stunt specifically with the intent of filing a lawsuit. The fact that people who were on the flight are still convinced that the six were up to no good (as is stated later in the article) should show that the behavior was highly unusual and meant to provoke a response.

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  2. jon spencer says:

    When are some of the other passengers gong to counter sue for the trouble that they had to put up with. I am mainly thinking of missed flights but some lawyer ought to be able to find more inconvenience. Are there any other flights that had to be delayed, possible class action?

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