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Reptiles In LA

And we don't mean the folks in the film industry even though the title fits. No, we mean the man-eating alligators of Southern Los Angeles. Or at least one, name of Reggie. LOS ANGELES – Reggie the alligator reappeared Monday after … Continue reading

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Quiz Time!

1. Someone who sees conspiracies involving "The Government" in every, single incident that happens is: a) Certifiably insane.  b) An embarrassment to even hardcore conspiracy theorists. c) Extremely fortunate that breathing is an involuntary reflex since that person would otherwise forget … Continue reading

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Is There An Exorcist In The House?

I wrote last year about Red Sunset Maples and Zombie Squirrels. Some people thought that was a humorous piece, but it wasn't. It was completely serious. We appear to have a budding zombie squirrel infestation here at the Crabitat. And … Continue reading

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Toilets In The News

In a move sure to warm the cockles of Sheryl Crow's heart, officials at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, Kansas have adopted her suggestion to save the earth. They are restricting the amount of toilet paper the inmates can … Continue reading

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At The Risk Of Beating A Sacred Cow….

There has been a lot of interest in the "$100 laptop" project led by Nicholas Negroponte, the former director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The goal is to provide a very cheap, flexible laptop that can actually … Continue reading

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Wolfowitz Fights Back

Paul Wolfowitz when on the offensive today against the accusations being made against him at the World Bank. And he hit back hard. WASHINGTON – World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on Monday decried what he called a "smear campaign" against … Continue reading

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Your Toy Is Reading Your Mind

Get the tinfoil hats ready. Engineers are working on toys that can read your mind. Really. SAN JOSE, Calif. – A convincing twin of Darth Vader stalks the beige cubicles of a Silicon Valley office, complete with ominous black mask, … Continue reading

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Riding The Cannonball

Casey Jones, he died at the throttle, With the whistle in his hand. Casey Jones, he died at the throttlle, But we'll all see Casey in the promised land. His wife and three children were left to mourn The tragic … Continue reading

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The Last Of Its Kind

Here's an interesting article from today's Telegraph. The finishing touches are being put on the newest, and possibly very last, royal coach for the British monarchy. The coach is being built in Australia by probably the last living person with … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

The Animal Uprising™ appears to have a deadly new trick up its collective sleeve. This one is really unpleasant. Imagine getting your mail, opening up a package and finding out, too late, that the occupant of the package was a … Continue reading

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To The Rescue

Stuart Rothenberg, who's been doing politics for an awfully long time, is not dismissing the possibility that Fred Thompson could very well win the Republican presidential nomination. The conventional wisdom, long held by Rothenberg, says that candidates who enter the … Continue reading

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“Justice Had Overtaken Evil.”

The words of Robert Rosenthal about the guilty verdicts at the Nuremberg trials. Mr. Rosenthal helped prosecute the Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg. After he had accomplished 54 missions over Germany flying a B-17. Mr. Rosenthal was awarded 16 medals, … Continue reading

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Sulfide Of Lead

This month's Smithsonian magazine is devoted to "Destination America". There are a raft of interesting articles about a number of places in the US. I've been to a couple of these. Cajun country down in Louisiana (Lafayette and points West. … Continue reading

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Pool Harbor, Revisited

Last year, I told the story of my Father's Day "present." I titled that post Pool Harbor, because my present was the wife and kids surprising me with the information that she had bought an above-ground swimming pool. Yahoo. Pools are a … Continue reading

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