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US Attorney Firings “Scandal”

Untitled document I've stayed off this one. Today, however, the pinion Journal points out something that bears repeating. Yes, 8 US attorneys were removed by the administration of GW Bush. The Clinton White House fired ALL 93 US attorneys. Every. … Continue reading

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I Have…..

Untitled document …….Some very insightful commenters. One of who, in comments about this post, dropped this tidbit. It seems that an "Animal Rights" group got interested in the story about the monkey and the man who owned – or if you'd … Continue reading

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Getting Better

Untitled document Ed Morrisey reports that his wife is recovering very well from her kidney transplant. Good news for both him and for his wife. He also has had some nice words from folks on the left, it really is … Continue reading

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Warning Signs

Untitled document Here is a really – and I mean really – surprising sign that someone is giving Barack Obama some very good advice. Indirectly, it is a sign that some people in the Democratic party realize that they are … Continue reading

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Opening Salvo

Untitled document Intel has announced plans to make an all-in-one microprocessor that will not only act as the brain of a personal computer, but will also have video and memory controller functions built right in. For the non-technical, this is a … Continue reading

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How To Discredit Yourself

Untitled document This story is downright bizarre. A newspaper in Plano, Texas is running the following story with the screaming headline: Confiscated monkey sent sexually explicit audio tapes by Plano owner A Plano resident allegedly sent his male monkey a … Continue reading

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Untitled document I just got back from working my afternoon at the gun club I belong to. Part of being a member means you get assigned to a work crew (there are currently 12 of them) and work a Sunday … Continue reading

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Heavy On The Graves

Untitled document Mark Steyn looks at the act of piracy on the high seas that Iran committed  against British sailors and marines operating under UN auspices. He concludes that the incident exposes the foolishness of the transnationalists and their complete … Continue reading

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Pet Food Recall Expands

Untitled document Here are the latest updates in the ongoing problems with pet foods. Purina has recalled a limited number of dog food products. This affects their "Prime Cuts in Gravy" brand only and only with certain dates codes. The other news … Continue reading

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