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Dealing With Obsolescence

Untitled document The little Pentium II laptop I bought for my son has been a real hit with him. He has discovered some of the old Windows 95 games (which run perfectly on Windows 98) like Myst and Chessmaster 4000. … Continue reading

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Money In Play

Untitled document There have been a lot of headlines about the huge amounts of cash being raised by the two top Democrats in the race, Hillary! and Obama. But there is also an astonishing amount of money being raised by … Continue reading

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Untitled document Whoever wins the 2008 presidential election will have a serious problem facing them right from the start. ABC News is reporting that Iran may have nuclear weapons by 2009. At the same time some folks in Congress are … Continue reading

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Funny, Isn’t It?

Untitled document Back in the day, the media pretty much loathed Henry Kissinger as a tool of the even-more-loathed Nixon administration. Funny how they rehabilitate him as an expert when they like – or can twist – what he is … Continue reading

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Putting Safety Second

Untitled document Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame, pilot of American Airlines flight 77, who was murdered on 9/11, writes a very powerful piece in today's New York Post about the way the Congressional Democrats are putting public safety … Continue reading

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Is He Going To Run?

Untitled document The big question right now is whether Fred Thompson is actually going to enter the race for the Republican nomination. That question has a lot of already announced candidates from both parties very nervous, indeed. Robert Novak writes … Continue reading

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One Last Egg Cream For The Road

Untitled document Coney Island, the iconic beachfront amusement area in Brooklyn, New York, opened yesterday. For its last season. Coney Island will disappear at the end of the year, the victim of "progress". Real estate developers will turn the famous … Continue reading

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