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Untitled document Laconic Blog is coming back on line after a hiatus! Anyone who can come up with this T-shirt slogan has to be worth checking. Tweet

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We Come In Peace

Untitled document No, really. Tweet

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Untitled document This is actually rather funny on several levels – it is also a good thing in and of itself. Last month John "Magical Mystery Hat" Kerry and his fellows on the Democratic side of the Senate, derailed the … Continue reading

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Seitan Worship And PETA

Untitled document No, no, no. Not the bad, fallen angel with the goat hooves, horns and a tail (at least in some popular illustrations). Seitan is flavored wheat gluten which can be made to very closely resemble various kinds of meat … Continue reading

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And Folks Think That I Don’t Get Out Enough

Untitled document Ok, so I spend inordinate amounts of time searching for animal stories. When I'm not battling, tweaking or fixing computer hardware. But I actually really do have a life. Well, of sorts, anyway. But I have not spent … Continue reading

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Why We Should Be Allowed…..

Untitled document …..To buy full automatic weapons. An alert reader sent us this 100% genuine Famous Wire Service Grade™ photograph that shows exactly why. Tweet

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More Things To Make You Go, “Hmmmmmm?”

Untitled document Close on the heels of the story that the global average temperature of Mars has risen almost the exact same amount that Earth has experienced in recent years comes this dire warning: Solar energy bursts are putting the … Continue reading

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Just An Excitable Boy

Untitled document I came across my copy of the Warren Zevon retrospective Genius when moving a few things around. I popped it into the computer and have been listening to it for a while now. His music is too good not to … Continue reading

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A Plea For Immediate Action

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard want to go on record as being the first to call for immediate action. We demand that Al Gore carry his message about global warming to Mars at once, before the polar … Continue reading

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Red (Geek) Alert

Untitled document Ed Morrisey has posted a picture of his arduous daily grind. Warning: serious geekage. Ed has three computers up and running at once. On a serious note, his wife is home from the hospital. That's good news for … Continue reading

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Iran To Free British Hostages

Untitled document Well, hopefully the Iranians won't renege on their promise, anyway. Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced he was "pardoning" the captured British sailors and marines and would allow them to leave Iran. Damned nice of him to grant them a … Continue reading

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Things That Hardly Matter

Untitled document John Stossel continues to write about the "Fear Industrial Complex" this week over at Real Clear Politics. In this week's installment, he covers why the news media is completely unable to separate real statistical worries from irrelevant, wildly … Continue reading

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Sad News

Untitled document We regret to inform our readers that one of the icons of many American's childhoods has given up. Thrown in the towel. Stopped doing what he did best. We're so upset we can hardly type. But we just got … Continue reading

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Mexican Standoff

Untitled document Some people appear to continue to be completely oblivious to the real dangers in the world today. A krazed kinkajou kommando of the Animal Uprising™ hijacked a bus in Mexico City yesterday. And the driver simply continued driving … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Microsoft, Reason 521,047

Untitled document Heads up, Windows users. There is a new – critical – security update that you must install as soon as possible. Update KB925902 addresses a major security flaw in Windows (that is what it is for Windows XP, … Continue reading

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