Iran To Free British Hostages

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Well, hopefully the Iranians won't renege on their promise, anyway. Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced he was "pardoning" the captured British sailors and marines and would allow them to leave Iran. Damned nice of him to grant them a pardon for Iran's piracy, isn't it. But hopefully, they are going home soon.

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has met with some of the 15 British military personnel held in Iranian custody for almost two weeks, shortly after pardoning the group and vowing to set them free.

Iranian state television showed footage of Ahmadinejad shaking hands, smiling and chatting with the detainees who were dressed in suits. One of them was heard to comment in English: "We are grateful for your forgiveness."

Iranian state television said the 15 would leave Iran by plane on Thursday, agencies reported.

Ahmadinejad announced the amnesty at the end of a lengthy news conference on Wednesday in which he said the detainees had violated Iran's territorial waters and called their release "a gift to the British people."

"I declare that the people of Iran and the government of Iran — in full power to place on trial the military people — to give amnesty and pardon to these 15 people and I announce their freedom and their return to the people of Britain," Ahmadinejad said.

The action was a goodwill gesture for the Iranian new year, he said, adding that Iran had received a letter from Britain promising not to intrude into Iranian waters.

"The British government sent a letter to our Foreign Ministry and said it would not happen again. Of course, our decision had nothing to do with the letter. It's a decision made by our government to give a gift to the people of Britain," Ahmadinejad said in answer to a reporter's question.

Hopefully,we will find out exactly what the hostages were being pressured with shortly. Because they surely were under enormous pressure from the Iranians.

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  2. Rightmom says:

    This whole “drama” has been eye opening to the fact that neither the U.N. nor NATO nor the E.U. stepped up to the plate for the British and really I hope that they see America is the only true allay they have.

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