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The Ultimate Political Insult

Untitled document So a candidate for city council in Missouri City, Missouri stands for election, but then suffers the absolute worst political insult possible. When the votes were counted, he hadn't received any. None at all. Not even one from … Continue reading

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Kill Aliens And Stop Global Warming

Untitled document It's all so simple, really. Just kill all the aliens, destroy their nuclear reactor and save the planet from global warming. Why didn't we think of this before. NEW YORK, April 5 (Reuters) – Two university professors have … Continue reading

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Rampaging Rodents

Untitled document The Miami International Airport is under siege by the rodent legions of the Animal Uprising™. Passengers are reporting seeing rats and mice running about the airport concourses. MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Fla. (WSVN) — Airport officials say they are … Continue reading

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Stark, Raving Mad

Untitled document Of all the "solutions" being offered up to curb greenhouse gas emissions, this one takes the cake. This has crossed over into complete psychosis. The French speaking part of Belgium, the region known as Wallonia, has put a … Continue reading

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Mammals Mauling Missouri Motorists

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ has launched a spring offensive in Missouri. They are sending their suicide swerve squads out in force. These are the animals, primarily deer, that jump in front of cars in an attempt to make the … Continue reading

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Serious Issues

Untitled document I've posted a number of times on the so-called National Popular Vote Plan to try to bypass the constitution and the Electoral College it mandates. Obviously, I do not approve of the idea or the way it is … Continue reading

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Surging To Defeat

Untitled document Daniel Henninger of the Opinion Journal has his weekly column out. In it, he details the tale of two surges. The troop surge in Iraq and the surge the Democrats are orchestrating toward defeat in that war. He … Continue reading

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The Rise And (Prat)Fall Of Nancy Pelosi

Untitled document I warned that the media was sending a serious warning to the Democratic leadership in Congress that they were rapidly running out of media cover. All the signs were there when two major newspapers published editorials critical of … Continue reading

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