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Major Ouch

Untitled document I have mentioned – repeatedly – that the media was desperately trying to signal to Nancy Pelosi that she was about to run out of media cover for her behavior. (Not that I think Nancy Pelosi deigns to … Continue reading

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A Manifesto

Untitled document The Anchoress has put up her manifesto about the 2008 Presidential elections – and you know what – she's right. This in-your-face, all election all the time nonsense is completely out of hand. I really don't dwell on … Continue reading

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Easter Caroling

Untitled document So, much of the nation is gripped in a record-breaking cold snap Many of the temperature records dating back to the 1800s have been shattered, like so many icicles. Let it snow is now an Easter Carol instead … Continue reading

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The Easter Gunny

Untitled document The Easter Gunny dropped by for a visit! Leaving a trail of .44 caliber eggs behind….. Model 1858 New Model Army, 12-inch barrel, modeled after the mythical "Buntline Special" revolvers. (And despite what you may have read as … Continue reading

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A Sale On Snake Oil

Untitled document I read something like this and I just shake my head. Writing in today's Washington Post, Tim Watkin explains the dirty little secret behind a "self-help" book called The Secret. The secret of "The Secret" is, very simply, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Take me to Arizona at once! A retired couple from New York City has actually hired a cab and the cab driver to drive them to their new home in Arizona. Neither Bob Matas, 72, or his wife, … Continue reading

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Well, He Made It

Untitled document Back in January, we brought you the story of Martin Strel, the 52-year-old Slovenian swimmer who was about to swim the length of the Amazon River. Believe it or not, he actually made it all the way, although … Continue reading

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We Regret To Inform All You Golfers……

Untitled document …..About this story. But we feel it is our duty to add to your misery. A report from California says that a golfer there shot a hole-in-one. Which is enough to make many golfers wail and gnash their … Continue reading

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We Regret To Inform Our Readers…..

Untitled document …..But the Easter Bunny has been found frozen to death, turned into a frosty lawn ornament in Georgia. Sorry kids. ATLANTA – An unseasonable cold snap put a chill on Easter Sunday services across the Southeast and much … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

Untitled document Sowing the wind has yielded a bumper crop of whirlwinds for the West. Iran, flush with success from its acts of piracy on the high seas has announced it will do more of the same whenever it feels … Continue reading

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