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Still Standing

Untitled document Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid I'm still standing after all this time Picking up the pieces of my life without you on … Continue reading

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Hey, Let’s All Hunt Some Otter!

Untitled document This is one of those stories that should get you thinking. It seems that sea otters in Alaska's Port Heiden bay have had to move onto the land recently. There, they are easy prey for various predators and … Continue reading

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Crazed Cow Causes Carnival Of Collisions

Untitled document Winchester, Kentucky was the scene of the latest attack by the suicide squads of the Animal Uprising™. A killer cow walked out in front of a car and set off a chain reaction of accidents that reached epic … Continue reading

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Today In The Tin Ear Department

Untitled document This is actually rather funny. I honestly do not think Elizabeth Edwards realizes how self-centered this interview makes her sound. Edwards, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, particularly recalls the time neighbor Monty Johnson brought out … Continue reading

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The Easter Bundle-Up

Untitled document The annual White House Easter Egg Roll was conducted today. The kiddies had to be bundled up against the chill this year. Which of course, signifies nothing whatsoever other than the weather was unseasonably cold in Washington. As … Continue reading

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Another Rodent Skyjacking

Untitled document We brought you the story of the Animal Uprising™ using rodents to hijack airliners back in February. In that incident, a squirrel hijacked a plane to Hawaii. The perpetrator was executed for that offense, incidentally. Now comes word … Continue reading

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Iran Expands Enrichment Program

Untitled document While the West fiddles along, Iran is busy charging ahead with its nuclear weapons program. Today, they announced a big expansion in the program and also revealed that Russia is paying no attention whatsoever to the UN-imposed sanctions … Continue reading

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A Presumption Of Stasis

Untitled document Richard Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has been voicing contrary views about global warming for years now, has an interesting piece in Newsweek that should make you think. … Continue reading

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