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No Laughing Matter

Untitled document Well, this seems to be the day for British madness in the news. I found this gem right after putting up the last post on rewarding bad behavior in school with iPods. We're warning our British readers – … Continue reading

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iPods: Not Just For Michigan School kids anymore!

Untitled document I honestly, really, did not believe anyone could reach an even greater depth in foolish thinking than the Michigan Democrats who decided the right way to address a huge – and growing – budget deficit was to buy … Continue reading

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Germany Brings Back The Draft – With A Vengeance

Untitled document The German military is getting recruits the old fashioned way – they are drafting them. And so it was that a lad named Lucio was sent a notice and told to present himself for duty in 10 days. … Continue reading

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Going Batty

Untitled document Scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel are, unfortunately, cooperating with the Animal Uprising™. They are working to sober up the bats. Bats often risk getting drunk off cocktails of alcohol that stew inside ripened fruit. … Continue reading

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Rootkit Killer

Untitled document Here's some good news. Grisoft, makers of AVG Anti-Virus, have released a free rootkit killer program. It will dig through your computer's files and operating system and kill malicious rootkits if they are found. One review I just … Continue reading

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No Honor Among Cartoon Characters

Untitled document We regret to inform our readers that Rocky the Flying Squirrel has offed Bullwinkle and stolen his gig. No, really. Over in England a rapping squirrel will now be performing a recitation of "Daffodils", the poem written by … Continue reading

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Could You Hum A Few Bars?

Untitled document Thats exactly what music lovers at the Two Moors Festival in Devon may have to do this year. The new concert grand piano they spent years raising funds to buy was delivered yesterday. Perhaps if the movers had … Continue reading

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Making Mistakes

Untitled document I generally don't personally watch debates between presidential candidates at every opportunity. I catch a few during the later stages of the actual campaigns, but seldom during the early primary process. There is only so much time and … Continue reading

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