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Life Of Crime Flushed

Untitled document Johnny Snodgrass, budding criminal mastermind from West Virginia, is has had his life of crime flushed. Dumped. Swirled down the drain. Quite literally. Yes, Johnny was captured – in all his glory – in a Port-A-Potty. "A Port-A-Potty … Continue reading

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Kurt Vonnegut Dies At Age 84

Untitled document When I was growing up, reading Kurt Vonnegut was the subversive thing to do. I read a lot of his writings for a number of years. Although I came to disagree with a lot of his ideas, it … Continue reading

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Trial Balloon Confirmed

Untitled document Ed Morrisey reports that Fred Thompson appeared on Sean Hannity's show and confirmed what I thought earlier today. The announcement of his illness was a trial balloon to make sure it would not be a problem if he decides to enter … Continue reading

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“….Innocent Of These Charges.”

Untitled document The full statement of North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper on the dismissal of all charges against the three Duke lacrosse players who were nifonged includes those word: The result of our review and investigation shows clearly that … Continue reading

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A Brit Looks At Anti-Americanism

Untitled document This is a very, very interesting article from the Guardian that should be worth a full read. Justin Webb, the BBC Radio's chief Washington correspondent, writes about the large number of people he has been interviewing about their … Continue reading

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Nerds Come Of Age

Untitled document Here's an interesting article on a subject both loved and hated around here at times: old computers. More specifically, the collecting of old computers. Which, believe it or not, is becoming quite a hot item. CALIFORNIA: In the … Continue reading

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Smuggling In The News

Untitled document Chinese authorities have announced a crackdown on smuggling in Shanghai. The budding entrepreneurs had discovered a lucrative market for their smuggled goods. The report does not explain is how these just managed to sneak the merchandise into the … Continue reading

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Well, That Explains A Lot

Untitled document Fred Thompson announced that he is in remission for a type of cancer known as "Indolent lymphoma", a very slow-growing and treatable form of cancer. The cancer was diagnosed in 2004 and Thompson is no longer getting treatments. … Continue reading

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Making Mistakes, Part 2

Untitled document Ouch. Yesterday, the Opinion Journal blasted the decision by Democratic presidential hopefuls to pull out of a debate that was set to run on Fox News. Today, the Chicago Tribune, not exactly a hotbed of rabid conservative thought, … Continue reading

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Nifonged No More

Untitled document Surprise. Once Mike Nifong turned the case of the three Duke lacrosse players over to the state, the folks doing the new investigation have determined that all charges should be dropped.  April 10, 2007 — The office of North … Continue reading

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