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Duke Case: Will Pigs Fly?

Untitled document Just a play off the title of this piece in the New York Post – which savages their feloow New York paper, the New York bird-cage liner – er – Times over the latter's "news" about the Duke … Continue reading

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Bad Habits

Untitled document And when we say bad habits, we mean bad habits. A melee broke out in a convent in Cyprus. The nuns and the priests were apparently acting more like the Sharks and the Jets. Two people were treated … Continue reading

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Fun Weekend Projects!

Untitled document Do you need something to fill the time during the weekend? Are you one of those people with a need to keep busy with projects? Are you a real, hardcore, weekend warrior in the home improvement wars? Then … Continue reading

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Surfer: The Other, Other White Meat

Untitled document Well, the seals are eating people again. Or at least trying to. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have been reporting on the man-eating flippered warriors of the Animal Uprising™ for a while now. But now, they are … Continue reading

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Untitled document Stuart Benjamin, writing at the Volokh Conspiracy, points out just how unusual the statement made by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper yesterday really was. By declaring that the three accused Duke lacrosse players were, in fact, innocent … Continue reading

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The Rest Of The Story Isn’t So Cute

Untitled document Oh, sure. They report on the orangutans at Zoo Atlanta playing video games in an approving tone. They make it sound like a good thing. The orangutans use a touch screen built into a tree-like structure that blend … Continue reading

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How To Get Gobs Of Bad Publicity

Untitled document In one easy step. Have your lawyers send a letter demanding that a blogger take down a post. This will buy you all the bad publicity in the world – for free! You'll be the subject of countless … Continue reading

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