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Hang On To Your Wallets

Untitled document The government is coming to help. With the assistance of the National Science Foundation, a whole bunch of researchers are looking at replacing the internet. NEW YORK – Although it has already taken nearly four decades to get … Continue reading

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No Royal Future For France?

Untitled document The socialist party candidate for the presidency of France, Segolene Royal, appears to be headed for a defeat, according to press reports. Even those who are supposedly in her corner appear to be writing her off as a … Continue reading

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Illinois Denies Squirrel Conspiracy

Untitled document In a shocking cover-up of biblical proportions, or maybe that was bibliographical proportions, the miscreants running Illinois Bureau of Tourism's "Seven Wonders of Illinois" promotion are denying that there is a squirrel conspiracy. (We read the headline and … Continue reading

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Corzine Badly Injured In Crash

Untitled document New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine appears to have been much more badly hurt in a car crash yesterday than the early reports indicated. He is listed in critical condition this morning. The initial news was of a … Continue reading

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Them See This

Untitled document Scientists are pretty well certain the the huge, carnivorous dinosaur, tyrannosaurus rex has a living relative in today's world. Under no circumstances should you let the relatives see any news about this. The results could be dreadful. So … Continue reading

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New Life

Untitled document The Brits are performing a complete overhaul the clipper ship Cutty Sark. The ship is essentially being dismantled (it already is pretty well taken apart) and will be completely restored. Built in 1869, the ship was pretty well obsolete even … Continue reading

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