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Untitled document You know, Don Imus said a stupendously stupid thing – something he himself admitted – repeatedly – many times. He has been fired from his job as a result. And there is much high-fiving and celebratory crowing about … Continue reading

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Going To The Rats

Untitled document The rat legions of the Animal Uprising™ have apparently picked their home base for the upcoming year of the rat themed celebrations the animal overlords have planned for next year. They are busy setting up shop in Cicero, … Continue reading

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Colorado Dinner Theater

Untitled document Or breakfast theater, as the case may be. A Boulder man thought deer were acting strangely in his neighbor's yard, so he checked into it. And met the cause of the strange behavior. A cougar was enjoying a … Continue reading

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Sounding Like He Is

Untitled document Running, that is. Fred Thompson has an op-ed in the Opinion Journal today that sounds very much like the first message in a run for the Republican nomination. He's discussing tax cuts and the positive benefits cutting taxes … Continue reading

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Titanic Passenger Lists

Untitled document The complete passenger lists for the RMS Titanic are available to view online for one week only at the genealogy site findmypast.com. This is apparently the first time these lists have been available on the internet. Both the … Continue reading

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April (Snow) Showers And (Nor’)Easter Bunnies

Untitled document The Northeast is bracing for what is expected to be a major storm event. A winter storm event. The storm has already raged across the Southern plains, dumping up to a foot of snow in Kansas and spawning … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Wonderful World…..

Untitled document ….Of socialized medicine. One hospital of the British National Health System, the Good Hope Hospital, has had a rash of drug resistant infections lately. It's a national leader in infecting people, in fact. So now, to combat that … Continue reading

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Forward Into The Past

Untitled document Russia appears to be stepping back into the bad old days. Gary Kasparov, former chess champion and current thorn in the side of the Putin-led, mafia-style Russian kleptocracy, has been arrested after engaging in a protest assembly. About … Continue reading

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