April (Snow) Showers And (Nor’)Easter Bunnies

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The Northeast is bracing for what is expected to be a major storm event. A winter storm event. The storm has already raged across the Southern plains, dumping up to a foot of snow in Kansas and spawning tornadoes across Texas. The weather system is expected to move up the East coast and form into a nor'easter. Experts are worried about potentially devastating storm surges in coastal areas.

The storm blew across the southern Plains on Friday, piling snow a foot deep in Kansas and raking Texas with high wind.

"I felt my house start shaking like the wind and I ran in here and grabbed my little girl," Amanda Rymer, 21, said in Haltom City, Texas. "As soon as I moved her, the roof fell in right where she was standing."

The storm tore roofs off houses in Rymer's neighbor and destroyed porches and garages. About a dozen tractor-trailer rigs were blown onto their sides.

One man was killed in Fort Worth by a pile of lumber that fell on him from his truck during the storm, and a police officer in Irving died when his patrol car slid on wet pavement and struck a utility pole, authorities said.

By Saturday morning, the system was spreading rain from Louisiana to Virginia and across much of the Ohio Valley. Lines of strong thunderstorms rolled across Louisiana and Mississippi into northern Alabama.

The weather system was forecast to strengthen when it reaches the East Coast on Sunday and form a nor'easter, a storm that follows the coast northward, with northeasterly wind driving waves and heavy rain.

"This is very odd for this time of year," National Weather Service meteorologist John Koch said Saturday in New York. "This is something that you would expect to see more in the middle of winter."

Jingle bells? At this time of year? Anyway, even April blizzards aren't discouraging the true believers. But the wording of this report – especially the headline – is somewhat confusing:

Snow won't dampen global-warming rallies

The weather forecast for Saturday's global warming rallies in Grand Rapids and Holland calls for snow and cold rain and temperatures in the 40s — about 10 degrees below normal.

For some, this might make global warming a tough sell.

"I've thought of that," said Lisa Locke, associate director of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, which is organizing the three Grand Rapids "Step it Up" rallies.

So, are they for or against global warming? Right about now, a rally in favor of global warming would probably be a big draw across most of the nation.

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  1. The snow in Wichita was the latest reported measurable snowfall in Wichita’s history.

    What if those people in the late 70’s and early 80’s who were predicting a new ice age were right and man’s CO2 emissions are actually holding it back?

    Maybe I ought to start a website about that concept. The Ice Age Truth Movement.

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