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Kos And Effect

Untitled document Kind of had to happen, didn't it? Some folks on the left side of politics are seeing that the mighty Kos could – to put it mildly – give a darn about them. This is, after all, the … Continue reading

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The Art Of Bears

Untitled document A report out today explains that the Malaysian military is under – we are not making this up – an attack by "Sun Bears". Put aside the fact that almost nobody in the world could identify a sun … Continue reading

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So, Is This How Doctor Frankenstein Felt?

Untitled document One has to wonder, if one's creation goes bad, how does one feel? If the thing you created turns on you, how do you deal with it? If you find you have unleashed a monster, what, exactly, do … Continue reading

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Beewitched, Beeothered and Beewildered

Untitled document Wise at last My eyes at last Are cutting you down to your size at last Bewitched, bothered and bewildered no more Burned a lot But learned a lot And now you are broke, though you earned a … Continue reading

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Corzine Has Another Operation

Untitled document They are calling it an "unscheduled" operation in this report. It sounds more like "emergency" when you read it. Spokesmen are calling it "routine". Pick your adjective. PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine had an unscheduled … Continue reading

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Flash: Mookie Is A Democrat

Untitled document The Iraqi would-be strongman, Moqtada al-Sadr, who is routinely called "fiery" in the media (as opposed to "Iranian tool", which would be more fitting) has revealed that he is on exactly the same page as Nancy Pelosi and … Continue reading

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Sometimes, You Have A Good Day

Untitled document My son called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go shooting today at the club. A good friend of his from back in Illinois was out visiting (he was the best man at my son's wedding … Continue reading

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Update On Bad Publicity

Untitled document I posted the other day on a world-class bit of legal stupidity where a company threatened a blogger with a lawsuit. Bill Hobbs has been keeping very close tabs on this story since it is local for him. … Continue reading

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Corzine Undergoes Still More Surgery

Untitled document New Jersey governor Jon S. Corzine has undergone another operation on his injured leg. What is disturbing about this report is the release of new details about his condition that I had not seen before. He is under … Continue reading

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