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Feeling Proud – We’ll Help!

Untitled document Matt Stoller is a proud American today, he informs everyone. Because he paid his taxes. I just paid my taxes, and I have to say, I always take pride when I do so.  I don't like having less … Continue reading

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More Details

Untitled document Well, this is not getting any better as the news comes out about the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. Apparently, the first shootings occurred in the dormitory. Two hours later the attack on the classroom occurred. Meanwhile, the … Continue reading

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Forward With The Agenda

Untitled document The media is instantly attempting to advance the agenda of gun control as a result of the shootings at Virginia Tech. ABC News – who admit to having no proof whatsoever that any were used in the shooting … Continue reading

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Shooting Rampage At Virginia Tech

Untitled document I had a bunch of things to take care of today and have been away from the news. This makes me wish I had stayed away. There has been a shooting rampage by a single gunman at Virginia … Continue reading

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The Full Story

Untitled document I really haven't commented on the recent press frenzy over Paul Wolfowitz and the entire World Bank matter. Something felt wrong about the way it was being reported, but I did not have any way of sorting it … Continue reading

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Japanese Toasted Buns

Untitled document So, imagine you've just sat down on the toilet to answer natures call. Now imagine you smell smoke. Now imagine that you suddenly realize that the toilet is getting pretty, darn warm. Then imagine the fun when you realize your … Continue reading

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A Hare Raising Morning Rush Hour

Untitled document Hungarian motorists got a taste of the Animal Uprising™ today during the morning rush hour. A bunch of belligerent bunny bandits hijacked a truck, then lost control of it (they had trouble working the gearshift) and caused a … Continue reading

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