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Quick! Call A Surgeon!

Untitled document The Suwannee sturgeons are attacking jet skiers again. Or should we say, still. Yes, last year we mangled Stephen Foster when reporting about the amphibious airborne assaults of the savage Suwannee sturgeons. We still refuse to use "Like a … Continue reading

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They Said It

Untitled document The Telegraph said it. We're just reporting – that's all. Tweet

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Wolves At The (Four) Door

Untitled document Now do you believe us about the Animal Uprising™? We have the best proof yet: Wolves are trying to bring down their biggest game ever. A full-sized pickup truck! BRIMSON, Minn. – When conservation officer Steve Peterson got a … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here

Untitled document You can tell it's spring. The alligator legions are marching North again. Last year it was Pennsylvania and New York, this year they are invading Indiana. The cold snap may have done at least one of them in,though. … Continue reading

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Look

Untitled document The Antwerp city zoo, in the land of chocolate and waffles, Belgium, have issued instructions to visitors. Don't look at the chimpanzees. They are being more than a bit disingenuous about the reason, however. New rules have been … Continue reading

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Stopping Killers

Untitled document Glenn Reynolds has an op-ed in the New York Daily News today about armed citizens stopping killers. The media has not widely reported these incidents, because, of course, they don't fit into the agenda. I pointed these out … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Upholds “Partial Birth” Abortion Ban

Untitled document There will be much hyperventilation about this from the absolutists on the abortion issue. The Supreme Court has upheld the ban on so-called partial birth abortions. There should be one fact that we should be able to discuss … Continue reading

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A Taxing Time Of Year

Untitled document John Stossel, who is one of my favorites these days, devotes his column today to that American rite of spring: Tax Day. The traditional April 15th was moved this year, of course, but it is still a time … Continue reading

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Deadly Consequences

Untitled document One thing that you can be sure of is that whenever something is being touted as the next big thing that will save the world there will be unintended consequences. I have pointed out that ethanol production is diverting … Continue reading

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Ur Tu Stoopid Tu Spel Gud

Untitled document The Simplified Spelling Society wants to change the way the English language is spelled. They would like to use all phonetic spelling because, they say, the spelling of English has not been updated in 500 years. Itz tu … Continue reading

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