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Meet The New (Improved) Boss

Untitled document Remember all the screeching and wailing before the last election? Remember "Culture of corruption?" Remember all the hyperventilation about how Rethuglican Bushitler zombies were only looking after the big, evil corporations while the happy, fuzzy, lovable Democrats were … Continue reading

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Father Of The Year

Untitled document You know, I frankly wish Alec Baldwin had carried out his much publicized threat to move to Canada. Because then maybe we wouldn't have to see quite as much of his parenting skills . I came across a … Continue reading

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About That Hyperventilation

Untitled document I predicted (like that took any great gift) that there would be much hyperventilation over the decision by the US Supreme Court to uphold the ban on "partial birth" abortions. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pompous, … Continue reading

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Who Needs A Dead Vote?

Untitled document Hey, here in the US we have the legendary dead vote. Voters who, despite having died, mysteriously show up to cast their ballots on election day. Reputedly, Chicago is the capitol of this activity. They also have dead … Continue reading

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Is The Public Finally Getting Sick Of The Media?

Untitled document I have not watched broadcast network television news for a very long time, personally. I grew disgusted with them years ago – I can't remember when, exactly I stopped watching. For a while I watched Fox News, but … Continue reading

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Untitled document Well, Harry Reid has informed the media that he believes the war in Iraq is lost. Specifically, he told that to the French press, apparently. So much for America speaking with one voice overseas. But we've already seen … Continue reading

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Singed Suicide Squirrel Snapped

Untitled document The Canton Repository has managed to obtain photographic evidence of one of the members of the Animal Uprising™ suicide squirrel squad shortly after he set off a shower of sparks and shorted the system. (We dare you to say … Continue reading

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Corzine Still Requires Ventilator

Untitled document New Jersey governor Jon Corzine still requires the use of a ventilator to breath a full week after the accident that left him critically injured. Corzine's condition cannot be upgraded to stable until the tube is removed. Dr. … Continue reading

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Badgering The Residents

Untitled document These are very definition of bad neighbors. They fight constantly – and very noisily, trash other people's yards and property and have howling sex orgies right outdoors at all hours. What's more, the authorities protect them and won't allow anyone … Continue reading

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Order In The Court

Untitled document "You, there. Stop that braying at once." In what is quite possibly a new low for American jurisprudence, a lawyer has called a donkey for the defense. No, the lawyer was calling names, nor was anyone calling the … Continue reading

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Still More Pet Food Recalls

Untitled document It seems that even more pet food is being subjected to recalls as still more melamine contamination is being discovered. This time it is one of the suppliers of products used by pet food manufacturers that is sounding … Continue reading

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Taking Meetings

Untitled document Fred Thompson met with about 50 Republican members of the House yesterday. Not a few of those who attended the meeting emerged voicing strong support for Thompson. It seems more and more likely that Thompson is going to … Continue reading

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Knut Gets Death Threat

Untitled document Officials at the Berlin zoo have notified police that they have received a faxed death threat against Kute Knut, the polar bear cub that animal "rights" activists want killed at once. The death threat was anonymous. "We were … Continue reading

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