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Today’s “So, What” Department

Untitled document The Vermont state senate passed a non-binding demand that the President be impeached for completely unspecified reasons. They did so by waiting until they could sneak it in , though. Big, old set there. You're so sure of … Continue reading

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Equality Brawling

Untitled document We just recently posted about a rumble held in a convent in which nuns and priests were battling, along with laypersons, over control of the convent. It was quite a spirited religious exchange by all accounts, with two … Continue reading

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More About Ubuntu

Untitled document I mentioned earlier today that Ubuntu Linux has their newest release available for download. Version 7.04, codenamed Feisty Fawn is apparently a very, very popular item. The download servers are groaning under the load of people trying to … Continue reading

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Gunman Kills Hostage, Self

Untitled document The gunman who entered building 44 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston has killed one hostage and taken his own life. The man was apparently an employee of a contracting company that worked at the facility. There … Continue reading

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Johnson Space Center Locked Down

Untitled document The Johnson Space Center in Houston has been locked down after reports of a gunman loose inside building 44 at the complex. That is just about all that is known at this time.The building has been evacuated and … Continue reading

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The New Menace

Untitled document The city council of Liverpool is making a dreadful mistake. The city center has been plagued recently by a growing legion of pigeons. We understand the need to do something about this before a real life Alfred Hitchcock … Continue reading

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Too Many Antioxidants

Untitled document Well, there's stupid, then there's really stupid. Driving drunk: stupid. Driving drunk and running your car into the local police station: really stupid. Especially since the police. didn't have a drive through – until now. PHILADELPHIA – A drunken … Continue reading

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A Powerful Voice From The Wilderness

Untitled document M. Zuhdi Jasser has a piece up over at Real Clear Politics today that excoriates the mainstream media for their facilitation of the islamist agenda. Dr. Jasser has been the subject of previous posts here in the Crabitat. … Continue reading

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The Eye In The Sky

Untitled document Welcome to (T)Hugo Chavez's brave new dictatorship. Smile, you're being watched from the sky. The budding Chavez police state is launching camera equipped blimps to "fight crime" (not "zeppelins" as the Reuters story calls them). Since Chavez gets to decide what … Continue reading

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Photographic Evidence Mounts

Untitled document More and more photographic evidence of the Animal Uprising™ is accumulating. Today, the Daily Mail runs a series of pictures that clearly show the cat and mouse strategy of the animal overlords. A busy day of hunt-and-chase seemed to … Continue reading

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Medical Miracle

Untitled document Finally, some real good coming out of medical research today. No, it isn't a cure for formerly incurable diseases. It is even more important than that. Adding ethanol to fresh fruit boosts the antioxidant properties of the fruit! … Continue reading

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Dell Will Offer Wnidows XP And Linux

Untitled document Dell Computer is bringing back the Windows XP operating system in response to consumer demand. They are also shipping Linux operating systems. Windows Vista is not faring all that well, it would seem. Dell, like many computer makers, … Continue reading

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