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Blue Angel Pilot Killed

Untitled document One of the members of the US Navy Blue Angels has been killed when his aircraft crashed during an air show. Witnesses said the planes were flying in formation during the show at the Marine Corps Air Station and … Continue reading

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Where Are The Grown-Ups?

Untitled document I missed this yesterday. Peggy Noonan hits one right out of the park with her weekly column in the Opinion Journal. She is writing about the Virginia Tech tragedy and wonders where the grown-ups were. She also wonders … Continue reading

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Refusing To Be A Victim

Untitled document Miss America 1944, Venus Ramey is now 82 years old. She is also one tough lady. And she is not going to allow thieves to victimize her. Venus Ramey has earned lots of fame in her 82 years. … Continue reading

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It’s Official! Yale Has Gone Loco.

Untitled document In what is probably the silliest, most infantile response to serious events that I have heard of recently, Yale's Dean of Student Affairs, Betty Trachtenberg, has responded to the killings at Virginia Tech by banning stage weapons – … Continue reading

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Slamming Harry

Untitled document Joe Lieberman slammed the hell out of Harry Reid for his grossly irresponsible statement to the media that the war in Iraq is "lost". (Harry must have seen some really bad polling numbers, because he tried hard to … Continue reading

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The Vegetating Catastrophe

Untitled document George Walden writes in today's Times of London about France. He appropriates the term vegetating catastrophe, coined by French author, Louis-Ferdinand Céline to describe the Soviet Union and applies it to what he sees in France. Whoever wins … Continue reading

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Untitled document Max Schulz has an op-ed in the New York Post that really should be read. It addresses a few of the environmental myths that are being pushed by some groups. These are widely believed, but totally untrue. Result? … Continue reading

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Greetings From The Easter Batty

Untitled document Authorities in Memphis, Tennessee would very much like to talk to anyone who attended an Easter egg hunt at the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. It seems one of the Easter eggs some children found had wings. And … Continue reading

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