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Are We Expected To Feel Pity?

Untitled document I read stories like this and I shake my head. I happen to be a proponent of the death penalty. Others disagree with that position – that's fine, we can discuss the issues, agree to disagree, whatever. But … Continue reading

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Canaries? We Don’t Need No Stinking Canaries.

Untitled document We have an entire rainforest. A coal mine in Illinois is the unlikely home of a complete rainforest. And not just any rainforest. This one is 300 million years old . Miners in Illinois are used to seeing … Continue reading

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Land-Eating Rabbits And Carnivorous Mice

Untitled document Rabbits are busy eating the sub-antarctic Macquarie Island. Ok, they're actually eating all the vegetation, which is causing the island to fall apart, with erosion and landslides now common. Meanwhile, the folks from the World Wide Fund for … Continue reading

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Unheeded Warnings

Untitled document Doug Schoen, who was one of Bill Clinton's advisers during the budget shutdown in the mid-1990s has a little bit of expertise in the field of presidential-congressional confrontations. And he is trying his very best to warn the … Continue reading

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Stick To Singing

Untitled document Sheryl Crow should really just stick to what she does best – singing. Because her astoundingly shallow and completely unhygienic advice for saving the planet exposes her to much ridicule. Deservedly so. She urges people to use detachable … Continue reading

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The Most Famous Words Never Spoken

Untitled document University of East London academic John Radford has written a book that details quite a few thing which everybody knows are true – except they aren't. The book challenges quite a few myths that are repeated by people … Continue reading

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What They Want

Untitled document so their eyes are growing hazy 'cos they wanna turn it on so their minds are soft and lazy well, hey, give 'em what they want if lust and hate is the candy if blood and love tastes … Continue reading

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