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Untitled document Fascist America in 10 easy steps . That is the title of a breathless story (or fairy tale) in the Guardian written by Naomi Wolf. Oh, do take the time to read it, what follows will make much … Continue reading

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Can’t Be Bothered

Untitled document It seems that while Harry Reid has publicly announced he won't believe any reports of any progress in Iraq from the commander Reid voted to send to Iraq, Nancy Pelosi is taking it one step further. She won't … Continue reading

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Night Deposit

Untitled document So, a man walks into a bank lobby to use the ATM. There, he comes face to face with a horse . (Sounds like the setup for a joke, doesn't it?) Only, it happened in Germany. Ok, that … Continue reading

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The Mystery Of The Open Grave

Untitled document It was a dark and stormy night – no wait, that's been done. It was the best of times – nah, too trite. Ok, someone is putting nice, neat packages of smoked fish along with people's photos in … Continue reading

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Have We Got A Deal For You!

Untitled document A mad mama cow went on a rampage through the crowded and busy streets of Hanover, Germany. The riot went on for more than three hours as police, firemen, the cow's owner and pretty much everybody else chased … Continue reading

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Corzine Out Of Intensive Care

Untitled document New Jersey governor Jon Corzine is out of intensive care at last. His condition has been upgraded to stable but he will not be able to resume his duties for a while longer.  Doctors upgraded Gov. Corzine's condition … Continue reading

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Winnie The Boom

Untitled document It's true. Winnie the Pooh has gone over to the terrorists. Just ask the police in Wright City, Missouri. They were called in to disarm Winnie. WRIGHT CITY, Mo. (AP) — A man who went to a Missouri … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of Mental Health

Untitled document Jonathan Kellerman, professor of psychology and best-selling author, provides a short history of mental health in the United States since the 1970s. In a nutshell, excuse the expression, it boils down to one thing: turn 'em loose on … Continue reading

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Peristerophobia On Parade

Untitled document Thank heavens! We finally have an explanation for peristerophobia! Thanks to the BBC for getting this vital information out to the public. Yes, at last you can come to grips with your irrational fear of pigeons. Because, you … Continue reading

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