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The Starbucks Option

Untitled document Sometimes, political disagreements get rather heated. The rhetoric can escalate and names can be called. As a last resort, political opponents can reach into their bag of tricks and pull out the dreaded Starbucks option. That's where they … Continue reading

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Very Slim Majority Votes To Surrender

Untitled document A slim majority of the US House of Representatives, sniffing after $20-plus billion in fresh steaming chunks of raw pork, have voted to pass a bill that will be vetoed by the President. Two – exactly two – Republicans … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Lambs Left

Untitled document Odd, isn't it? Much screeching, wailing and gnashing of teeth (not to mention spittle-drenched computer monitors) from the left about the need for immediate and radical gun control whenever a psycho goes mad – as happened at Virginia Tech. … Continue reading

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People, People Who Need ……Fabric Upholstery

Untitled document Britain is bracing for a concert tour by Barbara Streisand. But I really am not sure if they are ready for what is about to hit them. The Daily Mail is incredulous at the demands that Streisand has … Continue reading

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Hiding The Truth

Untitled document Well, Lou Dobbs should be getting scads of screeching hate mail just about now by my watch. Because, you see, he dares to call out the mainstream media for their all-out effort to push their agenda on illegal … Continue reading

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Sure Signs That Your Dentist May Not Be Qualified

Untitled document There are a couple of warning signs that should warn you that your dentist may not actually be a dentist. Filthy office, no diplomas on the walls, that sort of thing. However, a surefire giveaway would be seeing … Continue reading

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Shopping For Home Furnishings

Untitled document This is a very bad sign. The Animal Uprising™ appears to be getting so sure of its eventual victory over humanity that some of their minions are already shopping for home furnihsings that they will presumably need when … Continue reading

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Okay, Granny. Hand Over Your Doe.

Untitled document Three deer rampaged through a Pennsylvania nursing home looking to rob the elderly residents. During the tour through the facility, one of the deer molested an employee. Well, that's what the article says: The deer ran down hallways, … Continue reading

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The Magic Of The Theater Explained At Yale

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard managed to get a copy of a memo sent to the drama department by Yale Dean of Student Affairs, Betty Trachtenberg detailing the new administration-mandated disclaimer that must be read before the … Continue reading

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See Ram. Dodge Ram, Dodge

Untitled document A Wyoming woman is telling people in her hometown to baaaack off. She says it's nobody else's business if she keeps her goat. In her minivan. Despite protests from some residents, city animal control officer Ray Buhr said … Continue reading

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Untitled document John Stossel points out that the environmental alarmists have it backwards . Technology is not the villain in the modern world – it is the salvation of the modern world. He slams the three basic drivers of the … Continue reading

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Baa, Baa, Baa

Untitled document Apparently, someone with a tiny bit more wisdom stepped in at Yale and has lifted the ban on realistic prop weapons in stage productions at plays put on by the drama department. If you hadn't already heard about … Continue reading

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