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Untitled document For those of us without a private Lear Jet, no Gulfstream, zero stretch limos, lacking a 20,000 square foot humble abode, no hint of the gobs of cash necessary to bribe force convince some poor, suffering schmuck in the third … Continue reading

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Personally, I’d Sue

Untitled document Bob Owens has made what I think is an extremely significant catch. The Associated Press printed a story in which they claim an anonymous police source told them that some of the magazines used by the Virginia Tech killer … Continue reading

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This Is Spinal Gore

Untitled document Well, Al Gore has done the improbable. He has reunited a completely fictional band for his Save the Earth concert series (we could say something here about his completely fictional cause, but we'll be nice). Anyway, he convinced the … Continue reading

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Russia Withdraws From Arms Treaty In Europe

Untitled document Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was "suspending" participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty today purportedly in response to US plans to deploy 10 anti-ballistic missiles in Poland. Even the British press isn't buying that excuse. … Continue reading

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Newspeak Rules

Untitled document Lou Dobbs made the point that the media is playing games with language in reporting about illegal immigration into this country. Too often, the language of the national media describes illegal immigration as "migration" and illegal aliens as … Continue reading

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Pious Frauds

Untitled document The fraudulently pious in the Middle Ages bought indulgences from a corrupt church. The indulgences were "sin offsets" that forgave bad behavior up front, thereby supposedly avoiding going to hell – or purgatory – upon the sinner's death. … Continue reading

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Untitled document The other day, Hillary Clinton made a fool of herself while at the same time showing a complete contempt for her audience. She did so by altering her accent to sound more "Southern" while addressing black audiences. This … Continue reading

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Stand. Fight. Win.

Untitled document In what will surely provoke the left into a complete, shrieking frenzy, the Washington Post, in addition to running David Broder's column calling Harry Reid inept (speaking truth to Bozo), is also running and op-ed written by Joe … Continue reading

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You, Robot

Untitled document This is interesting. A free, open source project to allow people to build and operate their very own internet-controlled robots with off the shelf components. The Telepresence Robot Kit (TeRK) features one key piece of Linux-based hardware called … Continue reading

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House Hunting

Untitled document Yesterday, we reported on coyotes shopping for mattresses in Missouri. Today, it's  moose going house hunting in suburban Massachusetts. The Animal Uprising™ is getting pretty cocky.  NORTHAMPTON – Environmental police tranquilized a young moose Wednesday morning that had wandered … Continue reading

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Mama Must Be So Proud

Untitled document Yes, mama must be very, very proud of her little Bambi. After all, he's the first one in herd to attend college. And Villanova, no less. It must be the talk of the forest. Two deer entered Moulden … Continue reading

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‘You Bring The Pitchforks, I’ll Bring The Torches’

Untitled document One of the lefty sites announced a "blogswarm alert" against David Broder's column yesterday in anticipation of its publication today. I first noticed it over on Memeorandum. Well, Broder's column is out and the mob is queuing up … Continue reading

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