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Good Lord

Untitled document Alan Dershowitz has just launched a devastating attack on Jimmy Carter, who Dershowitz used to work for. This is very, very serious stuff. Recent disclosures of Carter's extensive financial connections  to Arab oil money, particularly from Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

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Bag Limit

Untitled document I link to a fair number of stories in the British Daily Mail. They usually have something or other that interests or amuses. Today, they have something just a wee bit underhanded going on, though. This is, quite … Continue reading

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Welcome To Totalitarian America

Untitled document Gee, what was it the other day? George Bush is setting up a fascist state in ten easy steps? I guess he must be under-achieving there. Dan Simpson, a member of the editorial boards of The Toledo Blade and … Continue reading

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Like A Bull In A…..

Untitled document ….Two car garage. An 81-year old woman got a rude introduction to the Animal Uprising™ when a bull decided he should be in the garage instead of her car. And he was in the mood for a turf … Continue reading

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A Plague Of Squirrels

Untitled document Actually, it's worse than that. It is actually squirrels with plague. A dead squirrel found in downtown Denver, Colorado died from bubonic plague. DENVER — A dead tree squirrel found near City Park east of downtown Denver tested … Continue reading

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A Day At The Spa

Untitled document Franklin Township, New Jersey, was the scene of the latest attempt at animal beautification that we warned about earlier. The deer brigades of the Animal Uprising™ have suddenly developed an interest in haircuts. But they seem to have a … Continue reading

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No Cover

Untitled document The Chicago Tribune – having already fired a warning shot across the bow of the SS Pelosi, drives home the flat stupidity of the effort to pass a supplemental spending bill with timetables for troop withdrawals. No more … Continue reading

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Looming Crisis

Untitled document Just to point out that there are no easy solutions to a lot of complex problems, the media has just noticed what nuclear utilities noticed several years ago: there is a shortage of nuclear workers which only threatens … Continue reading

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More Dead News

Untitled document We brought you the stories of dead people parking their cars in Chicago (home of the dead vote – makes sense). We informed you about the problem with zombie joyriders in Australia. Recently, we noted the Malaysian courts … Continue reading

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Interesting Dilemma

Untitled document The Washington Post has an interesting little article that indicates the kind of problems Utility companies face along with an interesting states rights versus Federal regulation debate. The Post reports that U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman has intervened … Continue reading

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