On Another Rat Front

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I guess today must be Raturday. Related to the previous post, we have this item from the Daily Mail. It seems that there is a big stink in Britain over a decision to go to an every other week garbage collection scheme. (If it doesn't stink now, it will soon, but we digress). Anyway to prove how foolish this idea is, a television station aired video of rats gamboling in an overflowing dumpster. The problem, as the Daily Mail reports, is that the television station used stunt rats.

Apparently in London you are only ever a few metres away from a rat, which was definitely true of GMTV presenter Ben Shepherd.

With the fortnightly rubbish collection issue hitting the headlines, the breakfast TV programme featured a rat infested bin outside the studio, but failed to mention that the rodents had been deliberately placed for dramatic effect.

Standing outside the GMTV studio just after 8am, presenter Ben Shepherd, stood in front of an over-flowing rubbish bin crawling with rats as he spoke about the issue, leading viewers to believe the vermin are a naturally occurring sight at the London studio.

There is no word if the stunt rats were from Chicago. Who knew there were stunt rat rentals?

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2 Responses to On Another Rat Front

  1. Scabs. The unionized rats wanted no part of this fakery.

  2. Rebecca H says:

    Not only are there stunt rats, but in showbiz there is a position known as “rat wrangler”. Nice work if you can get it.

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