Is There An Exorcist In The House?

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I wrote last year about Red Sunset Maples and Zombie Squirrels. Some people thought that was a humorous piece, but it wasn't. It was completely serious. We appear to have a budding zombie squirrel infestation here at the Crabitat. And I have real, photograhpical evidence thereof. I happened to walk out onto the back deck to see how the newly opened pool was doing and did a double take. My wife had left the vacuum hose and the pole handle for it in the pool after she finished vacuuming it earlier. I really didn't notice at first, but then something caught my eye. There was a lump on the pool rim right where the vacuum handle was sticking out. On closer inspection, it was a furry lump. On even closer inspection, it was a wet, furry lump. Namely, a zombie squirrel wannabe. Apparently, at the last minute, after hurling himself into the pool, he rethought his plan and clambered up the pole.

We're either going to need an exorcist or a suicidal squirrel counseling hotline real quick around here.

(The squirrel is fine, just waterlogged.)

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2 Responses to Is There An Exorcist In The House?

  1. I’d like to see the Zombie squirrels handle one of these

  2. Gaius says:

    Oh, they can. Zombie squirrels are sticky.

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