Quiz Time!

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1. Someone who sees conspiracies involving "The Government" in every, single incident that happens is:

a) Certifiably insane. 

b) An embarrassment to even hardcore conspiracy theorists.

c) Extremely fortunate that breathing is an involuntary reflex since that person would otherwise forget to do so.

d) Rosie O'Donnell.

e) All of the above.

As with most multiple guess tests, the "All of the above" answer is correct.

Let's look at the facts in the manner taught us by our nation's foremost civil engineer and demolition expert.

—  The overpass was made of concrete and steel rebar.  This would mark only the 4th time in history that fire has melted steel.  The first 3 of course trace back to the morning of 9/11, when – the government would have you believe – burning jet fuel miraculously managed to weaken steel to the point of bringing down WTC 1, 2, and most notably, WTC 7, which housed secret WorldCom and Enron e-mails.

—  The collapsed section of the so-called MacArthur Maze, which distributes traffic to and from the Bay Bridge, is said to be "draped like a blanket" over the roadway below (damning images of collapse available here), clearly suggesting a controlled, orderly demolition.

—  The driver of the tanker that caused this catastrophic damage (presumably an employee of an as yet unnamed American oil company) managed to walk away from the crash nearly unscathed and reportedly "hailed a taxi" to flee the scene.

—  Below this roadway is housed "a Caltrans property full of equipment being used to rebuild the Bay Bridge."

—  In 2005, a few months after Governor Schwarzenegger hand-picked a new director of Caltrans, the agency came under a wide-ranging investigation, including FBI subpoenas for documents that Caltrans was conveniently unable to find.  Documents, perhaps, that were located in the Caltrans facility directly underneath the miraculously collapsing roadway.

—  To date, Schwarzenegger has been curiously silent about these amazing coincidences, further proof of a cover-up.

—  The collapsed section of the interchange connects the San Francisco Bay Bridge (Interstate 80) to Interstate 580.

—  It's Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution that requires candidates for President to be natural born citizens, rendering Schwarzenegger ineligible.

—  8+0=8; 5+8+0=13; 8+13=21

—  580-80=500; 5+0+0=5

—  21, 5; Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5…

Coincidence?  Numbers don't lie.

Sigh. Again, for the ClueProof:

Steel yield strength reduces to 20 percent of its initial (room temperature) value and ultimate tensile strength is reduced to 40 percent of its initial value at 600 °C. Concrete compressive strength is reduced to between 30 percent and 50 percent of its initial value. Concrete tensile strength, which is already low, is also reduced to 30 percent.

Nothing is built to withstand the loss of 80% of its initial strength. Nothing. Well, other than Rosie's sanity. Incidentally, despite the furious doomsaying from the media, San Francisco's commute today went normally. Amazing how people can actually cope, isn't it? Maybe it was a conspiracy by the Governator to make public transportation more accessible and desirable, eh Rosie?

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  1. Since they faked the moon landings, faking some melting steel is easy, right? That ain’t melted steel, that’s jello with some rust sprinkled on top.

  2. Bleepless says:

    Nnnnnh, it’s a conspiracy by Bay Area commuters to get their area some sympathetic coverage. “Wow! Them Callyfornyuns are rully tough an’ fulla initiative and like that!”

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